Looking forward to Valentine’s Day

For those who know me, don’t be shocked or unduly alarmed. Nothing is happening on a personal record. The only reason I am looking forward to V-day is to see the grand tamasha that will be unleashed by the Sri Ram Sena. I am very sure that this ‘government’, at least that’s what they like to call themselves; will do nothing to protect anyone. Maybe this time, we’ll have a few more women getting beaten up. Hey, maybe they’ll take it to the next step and burn them at the stake. Let’s start the witch hunt. The dingbats have already decided to ban any celebrations of such sort. They’ve warned women against wearing jeans or strappy dresses, obviously against our culture. But, a man using the roadside as a urinal is not. That is it for you ladies and gentlemen. The great ‘Indian Culture’. I say we burn every history text book that says India is a land of tolerance and has constantly absorbed all cultures coming into the country. It’s all hog wash. Tolerance – my foot!!! 

I remember blogging at around the same time last year that, for once V-day came and went without any untoward incidents of couples being moral-policed by hooligans. Well, the truth is these hooligans are nothing but uneducated, unemployable youth who are just jealous that they have no one to spend their V-day with. Well du-uh you donkeys….with that kind of a regressive attitude, you honestly believe a girl would want to be around you? Unless of course, she’s forced into marriage by her parents and spends a life time waiting for you to come home drunk and then beat her and the x number of kids you have together. All this in the name of moral policing. Like one of the celebs on TV said - Maybe they should visit some of these pubs and meet some nice ladies; perhaps then, they won't be so bitter about everything.

Call it irony, the immoral are telling us how to live our lives. These are the ones who visit desi liquor stores (which some how always seem to be named after a deity of some sort…Padmavati wines, Sri Durga wines, Ganesh Prabhu wines) get stoned , cause trouble and blame it on the well-to-do people who just get tipsy. And then they moral police us in the name of God. 

The fact of the matter remains that these goons are no different from the Taliban. They see empowerment of women as a sign of weakness while the truth is they don’t have the balls to do anything with their own lives. A “if you can’t beat them…beat them even more” policy is being adopted. The simple act of a woman dressing up and going to a pub, in the minds of these under-achievers, is an act of the new women of India showing their competence and capability to actually make a difference in the world and be socially independent in every realm. Women like Indra Nooyi, Kiran Bedi and Kiran Majumdar Shaw are the examples that we need to promote. For such goons, the deep-rooted fear of woman empowerment is something they have in common with the Taliban. We isolated Afghanistan and made a hue and cry about the methods the Taliban used. We ‘Hindus’ are no different!!! At the end of the day, Muslim or Hindu, the main aim is to still stick to the stigma that men are better than women. And this stigma comes out of the lack of a proper education and upbringing. These men are terrorists and will drive this country into the ground if we don’t eliminate them now. 

Personally speaking, the invention to end all inventions is not the A-bomb…It is religion. Time and again, religion has resulted in more blood-shed than in peace. History is witness. If we really want to ban something, let’s ban religion. Please note, I’m not saying let’s ban a belief in God. For I am sure he/she surely exists. But religion was something invented by man to justify his way of life, and has instead destroyed it. The numbers speak for themselves. 

Coming back to the point, I’m looking forward to V-day this year. I am sure it will have me generally screaming profanities at the TV screen when I see the Sri Ram Sena unleash havoc and the educated hard working people stand by and do nothing, the government obviously won’t do anything. Am sure, it would give me quite a few more chances to share my opinions and frustrations with everyone through this blog. So if any of my readers are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a loved one, hope you do have a great time and make sure you can run really fast. Might I suggest an armed assassin or a mercenary come along? Or get yourself insured…you could make a lot of money!