Requiem for O.C.D

Well, this blog entry comes out of numerous simultaneous occurring events that are going to culminate in me understanding me better. (Some psycho I am… not the Norman Bates kind though). I recently got this request from a friend who wanted to know the original tune for a jingle from a certain TV ad. Now, quite obviously, friend did the wisest thing by asking me. As luck may have it, this week has been a bit hazy and dull ( What the f…? Dude!!! It’s only Tuesday !?!?!!!!??!)

Anyway, I set out on my quest to hunt down that great composer who made the haunting tune that had set sail a hundred ships. Oops! Sorry… I got mixed up with Helen of Troy. (Yeah right…you wish you got mixed up with her!). I heard the tune, and was pretty confident that the composer had ripped out the last 30 seconds from the Gladiator OST. So there I am being all self eulogizing and screaming (in my head), ‘I’m awesome’. Friend pings me saying that it’s in fact the riff from ‘A Requiem for a Dream’.

It’s not what I said it was? I was wrong? But I was so sure…. This is outrageous. I won’t allow it when I’m so sure. (PS: I was sure of going to one of the top 5 B-schools too…but we all know where that took me) Anyway, the fact that I had got something wrong (apparently) did not digest too well. I needed the truth. I wanted the truth. The truth was out there. So I called up agents Mulder and Scully ( Ai caramba…enough with the jokes already!!!) I spent the next 2 hours hunting down the original tune from the ad, and even getting the Gladiator OST (which was already on my Ipod) listening and comparing. Despite the blatant evidence, there was still the reluctant insistence that some sites online said that it was the Requiem OST. Nuh-uh. I was quite sure that Mr. Hans Zimmer was paid some royalty to have his music ripped.

Anyway, all the tunes were shared with friend, who still did not seem to be completely buying my side of the story. No way was I letting this pass. I’m a marketing dude and I should be able to sell that Monk his Ferrari back ( Eh??? Say what???) Well, only one thing left to do. See for myself if there was some truth in the fact that the tune may be ripped from the Requiem OST. So I’ve downloaded the movie from the net. I ran a quick scan before I came to work, no sign of the haunting tune. I even sat through the entire 4 minute closing credits just to make sure. Nu-uh! Zilch! Cipher! Zero! Nil! Nothing! (Why is this starting to sound like my pay check?) I could not find that tune.

I’m still positive that I am right. The only way to be completely sure is to watch the entire movie, for a glimmer of that tune, before I come back to the original conclusion that I am awesome. ( Right now I'm like Six Sigma....only 99.9999% sure)I’ve also spent a good amount of the day taking up weird psychology tests online. Apparently, I have a slight obsessive compulsive disorder problem and am a musical thinker. Also, that I can get terribly aggressive and competitive. Me???? Terribly competitive??? Yeah…right…that would explain why I won all those Olympic gold medals!!!