It has been quite a long time since I’ve done any sort of fiddling with technology. Installing games on my PC isn’t exactly ‘fooling around’. The last time I had anything to do with technology was over a year ago when I was doing all the ‘remote logging in’, ‘working on firewalls’ thing-a-majig with the tech team. However, after I’ve moved into the Marketing team here at work, it seems I’ve forgotten that there is such a thing as technology. It’s been over a year and so many cool things have come out and I have not a clue that they even existed.

Right now, I feel like Fred Flintstone, still using a pterodactyl with seats mounted on its back, for flying. There are so many cool things that have come out in the market and I seem to have been pre-occupied with some other rubbish, that I never paid to much attention to all the awesomeness around me. Did you know that with the 3G iphones, you could use broadband and connect to your home PC and stream songs and movies and stuff? Neat!! Isn’t it? You really don’t need the 8 GB of memory. I was so awed when my friend explained this to me. And I was wondering what’s the big deal with the techies whining about 2G and 3G…it’s just a number isn’t it?

For heavens sake…has it been that long? Have I let the curious gadget cat in me die? I’m all for fiddling with gadgets and stuff. But it seems the last time I did that was when I took apart a Dell server with my bare hands ( ok…I used the screwdriver) and put it back together after cleaning it up. Yikes! This frightens me. I’ve become techno-savvy impotent it seems. It’s as though someone suddenly decided to format that sector of my mind. When asked, what’s my system’s IP address? I happily declared the public IP. Which self-respecting former network engineer does that? Yikes! Cardinal sin I tell you.

I need to get back into fiddling with gadgets and stuff. All this marketing and MBA exams have clouded my mind, and they didn’t help with the outcome either. I am the dog of the laundry guy that belongs neither to home nor outside. ( Roughly translating the hindi saying, ‘ Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka !’). This is no good. In a world flooded with awesome technology, it seems the last year or so has had me in some sort of suspended animation. Btw, can somebody tell me what happened to those pigeons we used to send letters? And what’s this VOIP thingy? Also, what happened to 8-track tapes? And gramophones?

Just as I was getting used to DVD's from VCD's, they go out of vogue, and they introduce blue-ray discs...come on! Wait for me to catch up man.