3 guitars…so what?????

I wanted tot treat myself to a new guitar. An absolute shiny black gorgeous one, that I’ve fallen in love with. But apparently, I’m not supposed to have it because …oh well…I already own three guitars. I mean, SO WHAT?

Mum doesn’t want the guitar because, you see, when I come back after a year , she wont have any place to put it. Erm, yes! Storage issues rank higher than what I want to do to celebrate my little victory. These mothers I tell you…greatest people in the world…but when it comes to cleaning and storage and other house related stuff….they go all crazy. Dad, is being all, ‘you are going for studies…..’ why waste money on the guitar. I am not getting any support from friends either. ‘You have 3…why do you want more?’

Well, because I do….and that’s it!

Some people collect cars, bikes, girlfriends,sports medals …hell, some psychotic murderers collect body parts. All I want are guitars, and what’s wrong with that? I am sure the same sort of uproar wouldnt have happened if I said I wanted to collect stamps...or something of that order!

Thanks for all the negativity! I’m all miffed now. Now I’m not going to buy one. It is cursed! Cursed I tell you!