Love the new Ipod

I honestly can’t understand why I’m so in love with the Ipod products from Apple. I just can’t. There is something I just can’t explain about the Ipod that I find so fascinating. It’s perhaps the cutest and most adorable piece of technology on Earth. I already own 4 Ipods. I own the first ever 256 MB one that came out way in 2005. After that I moved on to the matchbox 4 GB Ipod. Mum won another in some contest, which I have inherited. I bought the 80 GB Classic Ipod at a time I was fairly distressed and she has more or less become my constant companion. I remember a few days I’ve been unable to work because the Ipod battery got completely drained and I didn’t have the charging cable.

Anyway, leaving all that aside, I want the new Ipod that Apple have put out.

It is definitely one of the cutest and most adorable things I’ve seen. (Right up there with the faces of Kirsten Kreuk and Keri Russell….Sigh!!!) The new Ipod is half the size of the tiny matchbox Ipod and is double the capacity. 4 GB worth of songs in the new one. Also, the controllers have been embedded in the headphones. Also, one of it comes with a voice feature which tells you what song is being played and who the artist is. This option sure would suck with our bollywood numbers. Anyway, I really like this new Ipod and want it. I thought the new Ipod Nano with video feature was adorable, but this one just made Bambi look like Jack the Ripper.

I really like the new Ipod ( hint hint wink wink my readers….). But I guess I’ll abstain from putting it on the Christmas list to Santa. Right now, I’m fretting and am nearly in acute depression because the laptop I’m buying doesn’t have an awesome graphics card. But looking at the fact, that I won’t be getting much time to play anything for the next year or so, I guess it is okay. I’ll put a new laptop on the Diwali wish list for 2010. If I’m lucky enough to get an awesome salary, I can even buy a console. Holy crap, I just scared myself… I did a mature adult thing by deciding go for an inexpensive laptop without a graphics card because I won’t get time to play….Yikes! But it did warm my heart to see one person on the online forums who had requested for an Nvidia card. So phew! There is hope that I may still game in the future.

Coming back to the new Ipod, it’s horribly cute (oxymoron?!?!?!?!) and terribly adorable. And it comes in black too. Definitely something I would invest in, sometime down the line. But not now. I would however accept gifts for my birthday coming up in a couple of months.

Of pork, more pork, and some more pork…. Burp!!!