My Acceptance Speech

HOLY LORD !!! I actually got admission. I actually did. Ai caramba!!! Ai Chihuahua!!! 2 years spent for this moment, and it is here. It just happened. It just came along quite unassumingly and imposed itself on my life. Now, everything is going to be different. Awesomely different. ( I hope)
Okay! Calm down! Breath…..compose thyself….

 Thanks to the Oscar season…I’ll put this in the form of an acceptance speech.

(After much applause)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I always imagined this moment a lot differently in my head. But life as we know it has this funny way of not living up to your expectations. I agree, this scene in my head has been running so differently, but all said and done, looking at status quo, I believe the lord in his infinite wisdom has given what he felt I deserve. And I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth; I am gladly accepting what he has given me with a lot of pride and joy, but mostly pride.

Pride – the most important thing for me. Despite what others may think, to which I honestly don’t care, this moment and this achievement is all mine. I know what I have been through. The madness of obsession and blind self belief, which has definitely taken its toll on me. I know the moments I’ve spent speculating the darkest things that could happen to me lest I not make it anywhere. I’ve been there and after all this battling, if this is these are the spoils of war, I’m taking them for they are the spoils that I have got with my own sweat and blood. I know the heartbreak I faced with every rejection, and it is through all that, I am no longer on my knees.

But, all said, all done. I am here. And I stand with my head held high for this was my doing and mine alone. I definitely need to thank my mum for all the incessant praying she did. Am sure this is partly thanks to her. And thanks to dad for all the moral and financial support, more so the latter. I definitely need to thank all my friends who’ve been so awesome and so patient to tolerate my madness and anxiety through all this. I agree, I have lost my mind to some trivial issues and you guys have been there. Muchos gracious. I also need to thank all those relatives who have prayed and given me encouragement and advice at the right time. 

I’m in a mixed mood, whether to thank God or not. I’m still quite angry at him for keeping me on the borderline case, but am tremendously grateful for giving me this admit. I guess, in his plans, he knows what he’s doing. Of late, a couple of things for which I was pretty annoyed with things he’s done to us in the past, but they all make perfect sense now. I am sure; he has his reasons for keeping me this way. I thank him for it. This will keep me hungry enough to work hard to beat people who are qualified better than I, at least qualified on paper. This will make sure that I give it my best and that some day this blog will have an acceptance speech of true acclaim and gratitude. Today I stand a more humble and confident person ready to take on the world. To the world, I got four words…. Bring it on Bitch !!!!

To conclude, through all the insanity, look, I’ve made it. I’m still standing. Scarred and beaten, but stronger to face the new day. And from now, it’s my story to write. I will determine fate. 

“ Just because it is….doesn’t mean it should be !!!”

Thank you the future.....Stength and Honour!

Bravo Victor!