My mom is way too cool….dad is awesome too!!!

This Sunday started out being fairly morbid. The bitter taste of the thrashing meted out to us at home by the Liverpool team still lingered. (Or was it the funny tasting prawns from last night). Anyway, I got out of bed, still having recurring images of how horribly we played. 4-1. No joke! But, anyway, it’s a game. The awesomeness of the day began with me going to buy my first ever business suit. I’ve always had this thing for suits. A certain air of awesomeness about them. This would explain my adoration for the character of Barney Stinson from HIMYM. I’ve always imagined I’d be one of those Ocean’s 11 type guys, perpetually wearing suits. Anyway, it wasn’t an Armani…but I guess a nice Raymond suit ought to suffice…for now. Oh, this was the first time in almost 11 years that my Dad and I went shopping. Some women may not define it as shopping…you never have a motive of what you want to buy when shopping…just a vague general idea….but, meet my dad! This was shopping! Go to store, buy what you want and come home. Also, this was the first time the referee in all our battles – mom, didn’t come along. With dad’s super low patience in shops and my need to try on everything, generally, it’s a terrible experience. But things were very mature and calm this time around.

Now here’s the best part of the day. I got my second set of tattoos. So technically, I have 3 right now. Awesome it is. Now, you might think what the big deal about getting a tattoo is. Well, this one was funded by mom. Yes! You heard me right. Mom paid for the tattoos. (I can see a lot of the relatives frowning at mom for encouraging such blasphemy…what’s next? Anarchy I tell you….Anarchy! Breakdown of the system!!!) Mom wanted to give me some sort of gift for getting ahead in life. She wanted it to be something that I could look back after many years and proudly say that my mom gave me ‘this’ when I got into a college. While a sports bike, BMW or a pet wolf were out of the question, the only thing that came to mind was a tattoo. It was something permanent and would be super cool too. She allowed a tattoo, but no guitar…logic still defies me! Maybe we don’t have storage issues with the tattoos.

I landed at the tattoo shop with a design in mind. Somehow, that didn’t click. I thought, what better way to honour my folks and thank them for all that they’ve done and sacrificed for me… I got a tattoo of the zodiac symbols for Leo and Virgo, dad and mom’s zodiac signs, respectively. The process was a little more painful than the last time. I did wince a little. The entourage had come along to witness this. One friend got her tattoo improved upon by adding tiny pixie fairies to the existing elf. So here I am, with a total of 3 tattoos and probably the best way to thank my folks. (Am sure they’d still want the cruise though…dammit). I initially planned on getting the symbol of the family God, but I think at this point in time, I’m more grateful to my folks than I am to God ( No offence dude !!! God: None taken) He has done a lot for me, but I think the folks need some recognition going by long term performance. Dad really liked the tattoos.The picture is below:

By the way, my first tattoo from two years ago ,made it to the photo catalog of the artist. So cool!!! I’m now immortal in the tattoo world. High Five !!!