Of pork, more pork, and some more pork…. Burp!!!

It was a 3 day long weekend. The guys and I decided we’d take a road trip. All of us realize that this is probably the last time I’d be able to take a vacation with the gang for a year at least. Already, one of our dudes is in Chicago and it’s been a while since we all went on vacation. Anyway, sentiment aside, we all went on a road trip to Coorg. The trip was really fun, tons of jokes and leg pulling. And since it was all guys, we were our usual obnoxious selves. Not that we normally are not, but when girls are around we feel a little embarrassed being obnoxious. Just a little though.

We got to see tons of places, really good photo ops for the avid photographers…and the wannabes a.k.a yours truly. For me, the main thing that stood out of the trip was the pork. Yes, you heard me. Road trip with friends….probably the last in some time… fair amount of alcohol…loud music…and I remember the pork. Coorg is known for its awesome pork preparations. We stayed at estates, in these home-stays, which is really a fun experience. You’re treated like family…except when it comes to pay the bills. So we got to savor a lot of the local cuisine. Upon arrival at the first home-stay, the nice lady sent up some starters to accompany the rum. The veg starters can be ignored….but the pork! OMG! The glutton ate an entire bowl full of delicious scrumptious mouthwatering delectable pork. It was made to perfection. Succulent pork chops, crafted into tiny morsels of tasty glimpses of awesomeness. And after a day of living off chips, this was heaven. I almost broke out into my rendition of the Fitgerald-Armstrong song ‘Heaven’….heck! I could have sung the Bryan Adams song too, and would have still made total sense….” Oh thinking about all the years…there was only you and me….then you were in my tummy….” (I really need to stop the corny song-writing). Anyway, I believe I’ve stocked up on enough pork to last through should I hibernate. Only issue is, I’ve had three friends warn me about tapeworm. Now, I’m paranoid about that and am s**t scared of using the bathroom. (Ironic) But seriously, the pork was fabulous.

Another highlight of the trip was the Ayurvedic massage which we all went to. I’ve been wanting to try out a massage since the longest time ever. I always believed it was something the really rich did. Hence, I’ve been limiting myself to the 40 bucks hair massage at my local barber. Turns out, it isn’t all that expensive. Half way through the massage, the masseuse started giving me unsolicited weight loss advice. “Sir, you’re fat…you must reduce weight…you’ll look proper…you’re 24…you should not look like this.” This is probably the one time I was really offended. You’re almost butt-naked on a massage table and half way through, you’re being told you’re fat. Yeah, corner me and do that! I was terribly frightened to retort, lest the masseuse suddenly twist some nerve and I end up looking like I’m having a stroke. (Been seeing too much Kung-Fu Panda). I silently endured. I am sure they were all discussing after I left, ‘did you see that thing I had to touch with my bare hands….good grief…we ought to charge these types extra…. Anyone willing to put up money he’s single?’ Go on. Make fun. Sticks and stones you horrible people.

All this apart, the trip was fabulous. Great food (without tapeworm I hope). Awesome company and a massage that felt so good that for the first time in 2 years, I haven’t entered work with the Monday-Morning Blues. The massage coupled with the fact that I have just over a week’s worth of work left with my current organization makes things feel good. I’m looking forward to starting class and meeting new friends. In the words of Porky Pig, “eh…that’s all folks!!!!” ( Looney Toons theme song plays)