Well, quite obviously, the entire household is fairly relieved that I managed to secure a seat for my higher education in a good institution. I believed it was time to celebrate this and told my folks that I was taking them out for a night out on the town. Fancy restaurant and all that jazz.But my folks, being so awesome, told me that they didn’t want a treat now. Immediately, I was so miffed; started ranting the whole, “My money…I want to treat my parents…you had better come.”

They calmly explained that they definitely wanted a treat, but right now I needed the money to treat the hordes of friends I have. Also, I would have tons of purchases soon. Books, laptop, shoes, clothes, original software ( Damn….cant depend on piratebay.com any more…oops….you never heard that…what pirates…Johnny Depp…yes yes), and would need spending money once I went off to college. So the money I have been saving over the last year was meant for that and they would definitely be taking a treat on my first salary post MBA. They do expect it to be a nice fat juicy salary. (Optimistic even in the recession)

Like they put it, “Don’t worry. We’ll take a treat from you after you get the next job. We’ll force you even if you don’t like it. Gun to head if you don’t. Also you had better start saving up for that cruise we’ve always wanted to go on.”

Me, “Oh….cruise…like in the 3 of us as a family?”

Parental unit, “No dummy! Just us both. You’d be busy working and would need someone to blow up your salary. And since you don’t have a girlfriend or a wife, we thought we’d help.”

I am not sure what they are hinting at….did THEY also just make fun of my single status?

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