So much to say…nuclear meltdown and bad-pants day.

I’ve been unable to write a lot this month, despite having lots to write about. Evenings have gotten sort of busy post results. And the weekends are horribly busy too. Irregularity will clear itself up soon.My apologies if you’ve been waiting with bated breath. There’s so much happening that I don’t know where to start. I’ll break this up into separate sections to make it easy for me to think, lest I end up babbling about so many things that no one can comprehend. Also, I’ll sound like one of those children who wants to tell you all about their exciting day that they try to say as much as possible in one breath itself. This is going to be a fairly long blog, so better take that bio-break…just in case.Here goes:

The Nuclear Reactor – Half Life could still happen

I had been to my new college over the weekend. Thought I’d take a look at the place and see how much space the rooms had. It would have helped me better judge how much junk I can take along. The place was only 70% ready. They say they can finish the entire bit in a month’s time. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I discovered something awesome when I went over to the new Great Lakes campus. We’re just about 7 kilometers from the Kalpakkam nuclear plant. Somehow, this is really exciting. So close to a nuclear site. Imagine! If the resonance cascade ever happened and we were witness to the Half Life Black Mesa episode, I could be Gordan Freeman. I now have to read up on how to defeat zombies using a crow bar. ( Please refer the web for Half Life (PC Games) if you didn’t understand.)

Coming back to reality, I’m a little worried that we may be getting nuclear contaminated water supply. It could lead to all sorts of mutations. I’d be getting free cancer treatment with all that radiation…only thing….I don’t have any cancer. Also, I’m honestly worried about a meltdown and terror attacks, I’d be the first to go. And it would be in the most unimpressive way possible. I am planning to quietly shield the walls of my room with lead and insulation. I have already placed my order for a hazard suit. Recommend any fellow students to do the same. There are other things I am contemplating, but am not telling you about it.

The new familiarity

As I had mentioned earlier, I had gone to Chennai over the weekend. This time was quite different compared to all the other times. I normally visit Chennai just to meet some relatives. I felt quite odd while getting off the train. I guess somewhere at the back of my mind, I had figured this was going to be home for a year at least. I actually found myself trying to understand the roads and how you got to where. The heat for once didn’t seem to bother me as much. 

You normally visit cities and leave with a certain unemotional attachment to the place. You visit only the nice places and most of the town is but a fleeting glimpse as you drive through. But this time, I was actually soaking up the details of this town. I guess that’s the difference when you’re a mere traveler. At some level, this felt like when you get to actually know the name of a person whom you’ve merely seen so many times, but have never actually spoken to them or even know their name. I am still unfamiliar with the town, but I am sure I’d get to know it better soon.

Liked it…now Love it…am scared

I was lazing around late Sunday afternoon. I decided to finally tackle the long procrastinated activity of clearing my DVD collection. While I was clearing it, I came across my old ‘Rang De Basanti’ movie DVD. As always, being the perpetual procrastinator of mundane cleaning tasks, I decided to watch the movie. When I saw this movie back in college, I really liked it. Now I love it. I was especially moved by the part where Aamir khan tells Gulaboo ( Sue…can’t remember the actresses name) about why he’s never left the university. (translated into English) “ In this university, I am someone, I have respect…but outside those walls, I’m no one…and there are hundreds like me who in the world out there who have fallen….”

Somehow, I felt really moved by this line. It felt so true. Especially in the light of me resigning from my current job. In a short time, I believe I’ve garnered a fair amount of respect. I’ve become fairly cozy in the company. But now, after a year, armed with an MBA degree, I’m back to being no one. Back to having to climb and prove my worth all over again. That too, now in an economy where you can be from the best B-school in the world and still be treated like no one. Tough times…my only fear is of becoming no one.

Coming back to RDB, the movie was more moving than when the first time I saw it. Somehow, a lot of it made more sense this time around.

Starting to understand Che

Post watching ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, I seem to find myself terribly fascinated with the icon ‘Che Guevara. I’ve downloaded  ‘The Argentine’ and ‘Guerilla’ which are both based on his life. I intend to catch these over the weekend. I also want to buy the books written by him. But funds for college are keeping me away from the book store. I still find it fascinating as to how a man who started out being a doctor, ended up being one of the greatest and most influential icons of our time. And it had nothing to do with medicine. There is still hope that I may be worth something more than a mere MBA grad (in a years time) in this life. Please don’t misunderstand this for me wanting to form a rebel group that would overthrow the government or something, ( not a bad idea really), but I’m looking more at being someone who can change the world, leave a mark, immortality…all that jazz. ( Obviously, I’m being an idealist and am speaking gibberish)

Bad-pants day 

Today has been bad-pants day. NO! The pants did not misbehave in  any way, It’s just that, they’ve been attracting all sort of dirt all day. Started off with coffee being spilt, which was followed by Mirinda and just as things could not get worse, some ketchup got squirted on it too. Well, that wasn’t the end. I discovered some grease stains near the lower leg. Guess the colour of the pants??? Nice off white colour. So far, mum hasn’t noticed….when she does…I’m going to say, “Surf excel hain na?

After which I shall be thrown out of the house.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll babble on about other stuff later. I’m busy trying to figure out the really important questions in life….namely – which laptop to choose, Dell or HP ????


Gender-neutrality gone berserk.