I was cute?

Past tense. They used past tense. Was! W…A…..S. Ughhhh ! Woe is me!

The gang was over for lunch at my place this afternoon. Mum wanted to see the entire gang and fulfill their requests for Pasta, which has been going on for the longest time ever. Anyway, the gang got me a really nice scrap book of all the photos from the last few years. All good memories, of alcohol, food…some more alcohol, bowling, loafing around, alcohol. Did I mention alcohol ?
 ( Hint hint )

In fact, just the other day I was having coffee with this girl and was telling her about some fun times. In the course of the conversation, I discovered, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last three years drinking. Conversation generally began with, “You know this time we went drinking…..” or “There was this time we were all so wasted….” Feels like ‘Fun Bobby’ from Friends. Am sure the girl won’t be talking to me any time soon on account of me being a raging alcoholic. I actually don’t drink that much…oh well! What is said is said. Damage is done.

Anyway, coming back to the main point. The afternoon soon turned out to be a session of checking out photographs. And out came the baby photos and the kid photos. For all those of you who were wondering, yes they did see photos of me in the nude as a baby while in the bath tub. (Don’t lie… The thought crossed your mind…) All the guys unanimously agreed that I was supremely cute. A lot of ‘Awwwwwwwww’ and ‘chooooo chweeeet’ and ‘dude, you were damn cute.’ And this followed by, ‘Hey, when you were a kid, you were cute.’

Were? Were? Were….like the past tense of ‘Is’ ?

Erm…am I not cute now? 
Hahaha…dude….don’t kid yourself. But look at you in this picture, you were so cute! 
Hello???? Were???
Yah ….were!!!

As though this was not enough, they went and asked mom, “Aunty! Nikhilesh was soooo cute and cho chweet when he was little? What happened?”

Me: “ Puberty…It played a very mean trick on me.”

Alas, the chronicles of this single ex-cute guitar playing tattooed well groomed Tam-bram shall continue!!!