Madness begins…sulk!!!

The IPL is here. After months of political debating regarding dates, venues, security, the IPL finally moved out of India to South Africa. I saw the opening carnival. And felt it was pretty alright. Compared to what would have happened in India, it was a fairly pathetic display. But it’s finally here. And I don’t mean this with offence to anyone but – Oh damn! It’s finally here!

I am more football enthusiast. I guess this comes from my younger days in Africa where I was always made the goal keeper. What did you expect? Right forward for me? Nice well-fed portly kids are always made goal keepers. Weight issues aside, I believe my love for football comes from the years I’ve spent on the Dark Continent. So, unfortunately, I don’t share the madness of cricket like every other Indian. Hence, the IPL, which is an overdose of cricket jabber before-during and after the games doesn’t exactly thrill me too much. All the pubs would now play IPL matches instead of rock videos. Changing of television channels during match time is prohibited. This effectively means us football enthusiasts will have to rely on the internet for live updates. All this while MSD (with the utmost respect) wildly flays his arms, making the ball go out of the stadium. At least the Champions league games are well after the 20-20 games….so Phew!!!! Small mercies!

I do enjoy watching cricket. I’m not one of those people who would start an anti-cricket club. But quite frankly, 2 matches a day, is a little too much to take. I don’t mind the matches, but the constant analyses and criticizing of strategy by our resident-Indian experts (which is almost 99.9999% of the population) is a little too much to take. At least when this happens with football, it’s at best twice a week. Not every day for the next few weeks. 

Keeping last year in mind, I predict the number of break-ups and divorces going up. I know of a person who told his girlfriend to take a hike because she was throwing tantrums regarding them spending the weekend watching the Bangalore Royal Challengers play KKR. Seriously dude? Royal Challengers? At least a break up is justified if you’re doing it for interrupting a Manchester United – Arsenal game. But Royal Challengers? That’s dedication right there. People would be coming in really early to work in order to leave early and go home to watch the games. For once, they wont get pulled up because even the boss would be in the same boat. No late night meetings would be scheduled. All conference calls for early morning or afternoon. Blackberrys to be switched off on evenings. All this for cricket. Yeh dedication hain mere bhai !!!

I believe the same response happens in Europe and Latin America when it comes to football. One of the many reasons I want a house in Spain. Target for that has been pushed back a few years thanks to the recession. Back to cricket, moving into the hostel, I see a major fan following. Guys and girls alike. Evenings to be spent watching cricket and nothing else. Anybody up for Jerry Springer? On tonight’s show…. Why do football fans sulk in a cricket mad country? Whatever happened to favouring the minority? I always thought that was  a major pastime in our country. By that account, all football fans in India must get access to the television whenever they please. Timings decided by us. Matches decided by us. But knowing our mentality, there would be constant in-fighting as to which game to watch. (Praying for  a majority of ManU fans….). While the world riots outside for cricket supremacy, the power of the remote will go to the have-nots. Yeh India hain mere bhai ! Anyway, enjoy the show! I would be catching a few games every now and then. Am torn between whether to support The Bangalore Royal Challengers or Chennai Super Kings….ditch it ! I’ll support no one but the spirit of the game that is cricket which is a binding force that binds us across countries, race and religion. ( Lol….sounds like an acceptance speech for ‘man of the Series’ )