Maybe tomorrow...

I’m going to be fairly melodramatic and emotional in this entry. I’m going to be melomotional. (Am I the only one who feels this is a term you associate with an upset stomach?).

Today was the last evening I spent at my first ever paying job at Microland. And it feels really odd that 24 hours from now, I won’t be part of this. I’m one of the few remaining people of the batch of 30 that joined this organization. And by George, this has been one fantastic ride. I’ll comment more on this tomorrow when I’m more melomotional. 

But here’s what I expect to be feeling tomorrow after I finish my final settlement and sign out for the last time at Microland. I shall pick up my final paper and just as that swipe card with my name on it beeps for me, one last time, time will slow down, like in the Matrix movies. And slowly, the sound of bagpipes, like in Braveheart, would pick up tune. I walk slowly towards the main reception to hand over my ID card. As I walk, a slow female chorus would start a tune, think of the tune that plays in Gladiator as Maximus slowly brushes his hands over the wheat in the fields. As I walk, a light breeze comes out of no where ( the centralized air-conditioning actually). The breeze gently ruffles my hair, which moves like a leaf gently being caressed by a gentle breeze on the plain, Head & Shoulders Shampoo ad like almost. Just as I near the desk, a few pigeons fly out. All this in slow motion. Imagine the scene towards the ending of MI2 when Tom Cruise blows up the bunker door and slowly walks across it, except try to imagine it without the fire and explosions. I hand in my ID card and just as it is taken away, silence! Complete silence! The last three years flashes in an instant before my eyes. The friends I’ve made, the mistakes I’ve made and the successes I’ve had. One fricking great roller coaster! I smile, but just a little. As I move towards the main elevator doors, the soundtrack of Lord of the Rings plays. The tune when the Fellowship just cross the mountain. Just as the tune reaches its max, the lift doors open and there’s a blinding light. I stand before it. Only my silhouette visible. I turn back and take one last look at this organization that has given me so much. I nod my head in approval, smile and enter the lift. We can even replace this with the ending of Dead Man’s Chest where Johnny Depp stands in front of the Cracken and goes into it head first with a saber. But, I don’t think I can stand all that icky –icky goo. As I reach the basement, the LOTR tune fades away. I get onto my sturdy steed a.k.a my Activa and drive off into the sunset, Indian Jones theme song plays. ( Roll credits…film khatam…popcorn khatam….paisa vasool….ab ghar jao )

Quite obviously, I watch too many movies and listen to too many OST’s.

But in all reality, I have a very bad feeling I’m going to cry a lot and be made fun of. Oh well, C’est La Vie. It’s time to turn the page and write a new chapter called ‘MBA ambitions’ and I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be awesome!