Thank You Microland !

Last evening marked the last day at my fist job. I’ve already spoken of how my dream exit would be…well it was nothing like that. So I did put on the Braveheart OST on the Ipod as I left. Setting the mood you see.

Jokes apart. I really need to thank everyone I’ve worked with in this company. I believe I’m one of the more blessed among my batch that joined in way back in July 2006. I still remember showing up on the first day in a tie looking like a door-to-door salesman selling kitchen knives. I still look the same when I put on a tie. There was a batch of 30 students, fresh out of college just like me, all eager to start our first jobs. This bunch of friends is one of the most memorable things from my 3 years with Microland. Some of them are now really good friends, even though they aren’t part of the organization. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting so many excellent people over the 3 years. And I hope that many of them still stay in touch. Many of them are managers and senior colleagues who I’ve had the absolute joy of working with. Imagine, a guy like me, only 3 years into his career, gets a chance to work with the CEO of the company. It can’t get better than this.

I fondly remember the late nights with the gang outside Corner House having Ice Cream and worrying about work, the celebrations upon receiving our paychecks, nights spent at the office trying to figure out what’s wrong with the firewall. Time spent in cold data centers pulling and plugging cables, the long walks and coffee when you had nothing to do in the night shift, the time you spend arguing and debating over ideas, long debates on the cab home, smoke breaks (where I passively smoked), lunch time with a side accompaniment of leg-pulling, all the fun in training and so many other really great moments. I’ve had perhaps the best roller –coaster ride ever. The ups, where you feel invincible and the downs, where you’re aching to send out a resignation letter and refuse to come to work. So many ups and downs on a full stomach, I nearly threw up. But, this I guess is all normal in any job. Through everything, through all the complaining, the painful times, this is still one of the best experiences I’ve had.

I met all the people I’ve worked with yesterday and thanked them for the help and patience. Many of the senior people I’ve worked with thanked me and were really happy that I was going for further studies and wished me the best. The one thing that moved me the most was as I was leaving, the security guards and the coffee boy wished me the very best. They even asked me to come back and work. The coffee boy said he’d pray that I do well in my studies. This was the one moment, my heart really sank and I felt bad for leaving. It feels really good when people who you merely wish good morning or say thanks when they get you coffee, sincerely wish you all the best. These guys have nothing to gain from me, and it was the most heart-felt goodbye I got. I am sure everyone wished me all the best, but this was really moving. It’s always the little things that bring you down.

I’m definitely not saying everything was hunky-dory. I’ve had my fair share of bad times with the company. The pay was definitely something I’ve time and again complained about. It definitely did put a dent in a lot of the spending aspirations I’ve had. But, I guess this has taught me the value of money and how much one has to work to get it. I’ve also had experiences with one or two people really bringing you down and hurting you so badly you want to murder them for doing that to you and then ripping your heart out because it hurts to be in that position. But, all this is natural. I am sure when I walk among giants in other companies; all this will seem like cake-walk. I’m looking forward to it.

Through everything, the last 3 years were definitely the most formative years of my career and I believe I’ve had the best training ground one can ask for. It seems like just a month ago, I was joining this place, and I’m already leaving. Thank you Microland! Thank you everyone! Friends, seniors, bosses, coffee boy…..thank you all for everything! 

Dos Vidania ….

PS: I’m trying not to get too sentimental lest I start crying. I’ll put up pics of the parting gifts I’ve got, some neat stuff.

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