That’s not me…I'm not that funny!

I was cleaning out my mailbox at work. Since I’m leaving, I thought it was important to keep mails that may come in handy sometime in the future. Especially mails that had contacts of vendors and stuff. I was going through my PST and came across some mail conversations I’ve had with some people over the last three years.

Like old embarrassing photographs, one-on-one mail chains are pretty hilarious too. They make for some brilliant ‘nostalgic’ moments. I was laughing at many of the conversations. I came across a set of conversations, in which I honestly can’t believe, I am one of the participants; more importantly I can't believe I was capable of speaking like that. ( That just sounds like i'm a retard)  I was laughing my head off reading a lot of what was going on in those mails. The language I used just seems to be from an alien world ( E.T phone home….) but is still totally hilarious. Right out comical. It’s like a whole new personality I can add to my MPD kitty. I don’t believe I’ve laughed at myself so much.

It’s amazing, how normal you are with people, and then the occasional human comes along that makes you turn into this completely new Frankenstein avatar. I wasn’t my usual sarcastic, quick witted (ahem ahem), annoying, bad-joke-cracking self. At that point, you have no clue, but now, from this whole new objective stance I’ve taken recently, those mails are absolutely hilarious. I had to cover my mouth to prevent myself from laughing and being a nuisance to the rest of the people on the floor. This ended up with me sounding like I was having an asthma attack and even more people peering over the top of their cubicles at the funny sound.

I have half a mind to keep those mails and use them to brighten up my day.Ooops….shift+delete. The other half of the mind disagreed. It is quite amusing seeing what type of a person you sometimes become. It’s like when Wiley Coyote sets up a foldable door and introduces himself to Bugs Bunny as being the one who would chase him down for dinner; he turns from his normal scheming self to a gentleman with impeccable English. Jeeves-like almost. But seriously, really hilarious stuff. Maybe someday, when I write my autobiography, I’ll elaborate more.