Which HIMYM character are you ?

I took the dumb ‘Which ‘How I met your Mother’ character are you?’ test of Facebook. Result: 

You are Barney, the most legendary character of them all. You are a womanizer who is confident, and you are always willing to offer your opinion. You like to create crazy situations and then sit back and watch it all go down. However, you often find it difficult to express your feelings and emotions. Oh and who could forget. You love wearing suits. SUIT UP!

Me - a womanizer ????????  In which life ?????  Except for the last line regarding the suits, it does not make sense. Well, I can’t complain. At least it did’nt come up saying ‘You are Robin Scherbatsky’. Phew…. I would be so much in love with me then. God bless that face.

I was expecting something like - you are the bar tender that serves the main guys drinks...or something as obscure! Me ? The legen....wait for it.....dary Barney Stinson !!! NICE !!!!!

Madness begins…sulk!!!

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