And hence begin the long sleepless nights…

It’s about 3 in the morning. Make this the 5th night in a row that I’m up at this unearthly hour. And what does any self-respecting future conqueror of industry do at such an hour…well….when he’s out of his mind, he blogs. I guess that future blog entries are more or less going to be done at unearthly hours henceforth. So excuse any gibberish you might see. We’ve got a major mid term exam tomorrow and guess what ….it’s on my favourite subject of accounting. Yes, contrary to the previous entry, I actually find accounting fairly interesting. Yikes ! I must be going crazy…what do you expect…I’m blogging at 3 AM….I must be crazy! And if Dad reads this entry, he’ll be so proud. It’s almost like the way Kung-Fu Panda has the ‘noodle dream’.

Anyway, the 3 of us in the room are slowly reaching levels of paranoia. Sleep deprivation, lack of prioritization, girlfriends calling ( not in my case), it’s all happening. You might be wondering why as to so much drama for one exam. Well, it’s not all. We have only 4 chapters of economics and 2 chapters of something else…can’t remember the name of the darn subject at this hour, for tomorrow. And you will be thrown out of class if you’re caught without doing the pre-reads. Especially in economics. Rumours from the seniors have it that the man takes immense pleasure in screwing you over (metaphorically speaking) every now and then…especially when he knows that there are exams happening by over burdening you with mindless assignments and other equally mundane economic related junk. At least I’m mentally prepared.Here’s another weird part, so far, I’ve actually enjoyed his class.

Back to the main point, everything till this night has been a cake walk. I thought jamming for 4 hours with the band and then trying to read for CAT exam was painful, that wasn’t even scratching the surface. We’ve already had a case of people having course related nightmares. One of the roomies decided to catch 40 winks, and kept mumbling ‘trial baaaaaaaaaaaaalance’ or ‘account write-offffffs’ in his sleep. Poor chap! I almost feel sorry. And this is just the beginning. Pretty soon, we’re all going to wake up in the dead of night screaming Amartya Sen’s name. That is provided we get any sleep at all. What could be worse was if we fell asleep in class and woke up screaming his name. Anyway, back to supply and demand for now. Good night…erm…good morning….

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