Assets,Liabilities and Astronomy

Classes are on full swing and I’m back to being where I was a few years ago - Absolutely clueless!!! We recently began classes that focused on financial accounting. The bane of every MBA grad not aspiring to specialize in finance. Now, being the son of an accountant, one would expect that I would be an ace when it comes to the whole jazz about assets, liabilities, capital, liquidity, debt, and other equally confusing and torturous jargon. Alas, I seem to have inherited no such quality from the paternal unit.

Thanks to a bit of read up before class I seem to have a very thin strand of familiarity with terms mentioned above. But, that’s about where all of this ends. The first few classes were fairly alright, but then began all the astronomy. I’ve seen more constellations in the last week than I have in the last 24 years of existence. I can’t figure out where you put an asset, where you put a liability. Balance sheets, PNL ( Profit and Loss) statements, and all those other calculations are playing both Brett Lee and Shane Warne by bowling googlies at a terribly high speed. Just when I think I’ve figured all of this out , the prof just throws a whole lot of jargon in my face and I’m sitting in class feeling a lot like Tom the cat who got hit on the head with an anvil that he set up for Jerry Mouse. Ooooh !!! That’s a pretty constellation.

I believe that the exposure to astronomy has left me discovering newer constellations. The only thing keeping me from throwing the book ( lol…the book…accounts…ledgers…oh Christ! I’m losing it!) out the window is the fact that there are a lot of people who deal with this kind of jazz for a living. My own father had 30 years of experience in this very domain, and the man is yet to go senile. There just may be hope after all. But for now, I’ve had enough of credit, debit and staring at balance sheets. Irony of balance sheets is that they really cause a lot of mental imbalance. Anyway, I’m taking my assets and liabilities and hoping for a turnover in the exam and assignment.

The major reason for me to sit and actually not switch of in the class is the fact that the paternal unit would be terribly excited that he’ll finally have his own flesh and blood around the house with whom he can talk about the 3 golden rules of accounting, debtors, liabilities and …well, you get the picture. And, even now, I’m expecting a sound thrashing if I don’t understand this thoroughly. I can’t help it. Nightmares ,from my youth, of basic mathematics and all the torture haunts me till this day. So, I’d better pull up my socks and try to understand this. Bad feeling he’s going to have a long excited conversation regarding all the astronomy that I’ve supposed to have learnt. Imagine, I’m more concerned with the sound thrashing rather than the fact that this would be required later on in my career.

Back to star gazing for now!!! Hey, I see astro-domino asseto liablitoe just over the horizon.