Better than Robin Scherbatsky????

I’ve got back to watch the ‘ How I met Your Mother ‘ series from the beginning. I just finished season 2 again. And the ending has sort of left me with a major traumatizing question. The second season ends with Ted and Robin breaking up for incompatibility reasons. Now, I know that Robin Scherbatsky is perhaps every guy’s fantasy at some point in time. As far as yours truly goes, if ever nature decides to break the rules and I actually end up with a girlfriend (lol….been reading too much fiction these days), I would honestly love to go out with a Robin Scherbatsky. I don’t see myself ever getting bored or tired with this one. ( Yeah…and what are your benchmarks? …..Eerie silence).

Anyway, coming back to reality, fans would agree that Ted and Robin made the cutest couple ever. But somewhere down the line, the writers of the series put in this terrible incompatibility ratio and…well…the eventual happened. But here is one question that I just cant seem to get out of my mind.

If Robin Scherbatsky was so perfect ( almost 99%), she looked gorgeous, was quite erudite, had decent diction, looked gorgeous, had a really cool career, looked gorgeous, was really mature and level headed, looked gorgeous, loved guns and dogs, looked gorgeous, and all that….. and she and Ted broke up, then who is that girl who can top all of this and be ‘The One’ ?

I’m having a really tough time trying to imagine a girl who is better than all of the above stuff that I mentioned. Did I mention Robin Scherbatsky was gorgeous ??? I’m having a really tough time imagining someone who can top all of this. That girl must be a goddess. I must say that I was quite relieved that it wasn’t Stella from Season 3. Anyway, I guess, I have to wait till season 5 to maybe find out. I guess it’s high time they showed us the girl with the yellow umbrella.

PS: Does anyone think I need to get a life and perhaps focus on more important questions like GDP, GNP, economy and other more mudanely important stuff? Yeah !!! I thought so too.