‘I’ve not studied’ phenomenon

This was a phenomenon I noticed that only the girls in school would be a part of. But ever since engineering ( I still laugh out loud when I think that I’m an engineer…kaise paas hua?) this seems to be rampant among guys too. It’s called the ‘I’ve not studied’ phenomenon or INT for short.

INT seems to be affecting people at my B-school as well. On the very first day, we were handed out our text book for the next morning’s class and were told to read the first 3 chapters. I’ve made up my mind that for once in my life I’m going to actually study and know stuff for a change. This epiphany might just be due to the fact that I’m paying the fees from my own pocket. (Which is running dry…all contributions would be deeply appreciated). So, I very diligently woke up the next morning and studied before I hit class.

I enter to see, everyone with their fake INT faces on and saying that they’ve never studied. “It’s too tough. I slept last night. Oh! I wasn’t aware” The usual BS. Come on guys…I’m 31 years old (refer to the last entry) and I’ve seen children like you many times before. Fact remains that while there may be the odd case that don’t study and come to class; the majority has done their pre-read. We are paying a hefty amount from our pockets, and we’re all pretty serious about this. And we are looking out for serious careers. So please, spare me the very bad acting.

“abbey…Kuch nahin padaa yaar…prof to mujhe fail karayenge yaar….” (Say in the tone of Aamir Khan from RDB for full effect)

And I was right. Everyone I saw knew the formulae and how to use it and the application. So much for not studying. Imagine if they had studied. Hell, I guess I’d have to go and bury my head in the sand somewhere out of embarrassment. Grow up guys! This isn’t college anymore. Don’t trying selling, because I’m not buying!