Sarcasm wasted

It seems that the moment someone decides to embark on the great quest that is MBA, a certain sense of Hubris steps in. I am the center of the universe and the world revolves around me…OMG, you wont believe the number of solar systems we would have then. And with hubris comes in the all important ‘s for sarcasm’ word.

I don’t understand why people take a certain joy in being sarcastic when you can come to the point. First and foremost, it does not show superiority, it just makes you a certain male human anatomy. And in this day and age, people have enough attitude of their own, especially me. Take for example this scenario. I was alone in the class catching up on some stuff during the lunch break. Since no one was there, I was playing music at full volume and min ding my own business. Now a few people post lunch scrambled into the room to get their own thing done and in walks in this chap, who from day one seems to have specialized in straight faced sarcasm. Anyway, Mr. S could just ask me to put on headphones for which I would have humbly obliged. But then that manager in him kicks in and he blurts, “ Dude! Do you own a pair of headphones ?”

Well boy ! Please, I’ve seen too many people like you to honestly be impressed. And sarcasm works well on the unsuspecting. Not me. I used to be a d**k like you until recently, but I’ve realized, if everyone is sarcastic and arrogant, we’ll have a huge pool of mere managers and nothing else. I am looking for something far greater.

Back to the point before I digress into delusions of ‘changing the world’, I smile and reply, ‘ yeah dude….I do own headphones!’ Well, you cant blame me, I did answer the question after all. He paused for a few seconds and says, “please use them !” and then does the whole wink and makes that irritating sound, one uses when you are calling a cocker spaniel. Anyway, I had half a mind to increase the volume and switch from Pearl Jam to Lamb of God, but then, as defined by Gandhi - an eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind.

It’s best to let such insignificant matters pass. The dude is probably thinking he’s awfully smart, well so be it. We’re all allowed to have very active imaginations. The point I want to focus on is that, experience has shown me that sarcasm and arrogance rarely prove as effective as being open and honest. What’s even worse is that if your sarcasm fails and the poor soul does not comprehend what you are trying to subliminally hint. If one does take a look at some of the greatest leaders of our time, arrogance was something that never featured in their arsenal – Gandhi, Che Guevara, JFK, The Dalai Lama, and many more.