Towards the Moon...

It is only in a business school, that one can take something fun, turn it around on its head and make it a dreary case study. One month in, and everything seems like a darn case study. The reason I say this is, the other day, we were forced to sit and watch 2 movies which would later serve as a foundation for a case study in group dynamics and some equally ‘fascinating’ term… The two movies we were subjected to were ‘Miracle’ and ‘Apollo 13’.Both great movies…especially the latter. Apollo 13 brought back memories of the very first job I ever wanted to have, and at some deep level is still a job I want to have.

I remember, the first vocation I ever wanted to adopt was that of an astronaut. Even as a kid, even though I never understood much of the intricacies of space travel, I was always in awe of it. Even as a toddler, I always got goose bumps when I would see videos of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and quoting the famous, ‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.’ I still get goose bumps. I have them right now too. Sometimes, we never grow up. Thank God for that!!!

I remember drawing tons of space shuttles and space ships. Way back in class 3, us fellow space enthusiasts would get together and discuss what kind of ships to draw and then ponder over the amazing art work that would come out of it. (I was and still am pretty good with art work.) I remember drawing ships that would mine for minerals found on other planets. The details like a dual boring arm, collector wing, processing wing, personnel living quarters, it was fabulous. And all this was even before I was exposed to the awesomeness that is ‘Star Wars’. George Lucas would have been so proud of me.

And Apollo 13 brought back a whole lot of those memories. I must admit, I did cry a bit during the movie. But then I’m a sucker for movies and tend to cry every now and then. But there is something so moving about seeing a spaceship go up…the whole countdown, the fireworks, the noise. It is one of my life’s dreams to see a space shuttle take off. If watching it on the television or a cinema screen can move me so much, imagine how spectacular it would be seeing the real thing.

I must admit, I still harbour ambitions of becoming an astronaut. But then again, I barely managed to pass my physics paper, so I don’t believe it is a prudent decision to give me the reins to a multi-million dollar space vehicle with so much fuel. And the fact that my only exposure to speed is at the speed of 65 kmph on my dear Activa ( I miss that pathetic vehicle so much right now) does not qualify to drive a space ship. Maybe someday in another life….heck! According to the karma yoga thing we’re learning right now, that just might happen. My physical body might not go to space, but my soul just might. So there is always eternal hope. ( My Karma Yoga teacher would be so proud….he’s still going to fail me in the midterm exams)

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