The Wireless Router and the Tramp Stamp.

I failed to mention this on any of the previous blogs, but when I made my first visit to the present campus post admission, it was still under construction, a situation that still persists. Anyway, one of the wings of the boy’s hostel was ready. While I was taking a look around the campus, one of the admin staff who happened to be present on the same day asked me if I wanted the corner room. When I enquired as to why the corner room, he replied saying that it overlooked the girls hostel.

And this is where the geek kicks in. Always at the worst timing possible. I replied, “ Erm… I’d rather have the room nearest to the wireless router!” And there came the perplexed look that most people give me when I speak. He could not believe that a guy would actually pick a room closer to the wireless access point than a room that overlooks the girl’s hostel. Yeah ! I do utter such grotesque things. However, in my defense, there is more on the internet and the speed is better while near the wireless router, rather than have one that overlooks the girl’s hostel which would quite honestly serve me no purpose. I’d probably spend time enthusiastically playing Counter Strike while my batch mates might come hoping to get a glance of that damsel that melts their heart. Have been a lost geek for so long that I don’t think I know to be anything else. Anyway the man was actually joking about it all, I was not!!! I DID want the room near the wireless access point !

In comes moving day, and guess what, despite a random allotment of rooms, Nikhilesh still gets the room where the wireless router is just outside his door. Net connectivity is fantastic. This allows me to host the servers and play sniper in Counter Strike. Score! The world is beautiful again!

( Watte Geek !!! Sheeeessh…the unexplainable things he does sometimes!!!)

Alright, part 2 of the story, ‘The Tramp Stamp’. Now, a little bit of HIMYM history. A tramp stamp is a permanent tattoo of a butterfly that Ted (the protagonist) gets on his lower back when he gets drunk after he sees Robin’s new boyfriend. Now, I haven’t added any more tattoos to my collection, so don’t get any ideas. At least I am pretty sure I won’t get a tattoo under those circumstances. Anyway, there was a delay in the construction of the girl’s hostel wing, so some of the girls were occupying one of the wings of the guy’s hostel. And as luck would have it (luck always seems to have it), my room was taken over by one of them, and hence I was made to stay at a 5 star beach side resort. Life can be terribly cruel can’t it?

Apparently, the previously occupant of the room somehow forgot that this was not ‘her’ room and that she was expected to leave it once ‘her’ room was ready. (Notice the disdain and the excessive use of quotes) But as they say, common courtesy is a thing of the past. ‘She’ decided to feminize the room. Now, there were a hundred things she could do, but she decided to use the good old tramp stamp. She’s adorned the wall with 6 different butterfly hooks. 6 butterflies.....not one…not two…SIX !!!! And they’re all in shades of pink and purple too. Okay, I calm myself down after the in initial horror and controlling the urge to something caveman like to the woman and tried to take the butterflies off the walls. Easy solution! Fate says….Nu-uh !!! When one tried to remove the abominations from the wall, it takes some paint along with it, making the walls even worse. So here I am in a brand new room all to myself and here they are decorated with butterflies. Needless to say, the guys found out…and the power of bad publicity amazes me. I’m the dude with the ‘cutest’ room! Even the girls found out! (Score one more for me…) No amount of heavy metal, posters of models in Bikini’s is going to change the fact that I have the cutest room. I have a bad feeling god paid this girl to molest the room in this manner and hand it over to perhaps one of the most ‘critical-about-MY-stuff’ people in the world. I don’t mind butterflies as such, they are very nice in open meadows, but I shan’t have them on my wall.

Why? Why me? Even Mom asked, “why is your luck so good when it comes to such matters?’….Great! I’m going paranoid owing to the pink butterflies in my room and mom is doing a Root-Cause-Analysis…maybe she can do a SWOT analysis and find out that I’m just me and ….oh well, you get the picture. I’m going to spend the rest of my day trying to find some nice butterfly pink patterned curtains on e-bay, all while listening to ‘Butterfly’ by Crazy Town.