Absolute Power

Back to B-school, I got a lot of goodies for my fellow prisoners. Stuff like home-made mixture, sweets and cake. Completely understanding how it feels to merely sample a morsel of civilization on ones tongue, the room was left open for all to come and gorge. Needless to say, it reminded me of a pack of wolves who haven’t seen deer in quite a few days. Not blaming them, I was on the other side of the fence too. By Wednesday or so, I ought to be back over the fence; waiting for some poor unsuspecting mortal who has just returned from home to pounce on them and satisfy my appetite with any sort of home-made food they would have brought.

One of the girls had requested for an entire plum-cake from Bangalore. Being someone who is passionate about pastries, (lol….come to think of it….I am passionate about food in general) I could completely understand and sympathize with the craving. I sent her a message that I had got the cake, the moment I arrived. However, I guess she decided to pick it up later! WHAT???? I know…..if I were in her shoes…..figuratively obviously….I’d look horrendous in heels….am not built to wear them…..anyway, if I were in her place, I would have dropped whatever it is I was doing and run over to pick up my brick of cake.

Anyway, a class later, poor plum cake deprived lass comes over pleading that I hand over the cake. I was kind of busy at the moment and told her that I would hand it over later. You’d think that was the end of it. Nope! The girl hounded me in the cafeteria. Here’s the killer part, genius told her friend and both of them got together and ensured that I spoke to no one about the gold I had hidden in my closet. And they were unusually extra nice to me. I got promoted up the line to pick up samosas. Place was made for me at the table. And they ensured that no one said anything mean to upset me. Yours truly notices the sudden temporary surge in respect being given…and oh boy did I have my time milking that cow….. Muhahahahaha!!!! On purpose, I helped myself to a really large glass of coffee, slowly mixed the sugar, cooled it down, took small sips savoring every bit of that absolutely shameful excuse for a cup of java…and I don’t think the girl took that too lightly. But then alas, the golden rule:

He, who has all the gold, makes all the rules!

Both were very careful not to irk me in any way. On the way back to the hostel, they were quite literally at my heels. I had to purposely stop and talk to everyone who came past, enquired about their health, how the folks were at home, latest happenings in Bangalore, the works. All this, to merely annoy the living daylights out of the two. Alas, I’m only so mean…which is why I will never become a super-villain who’ll take over the world. Eventually, they got to have their cake.

The moral of the story would be how amazing a little thing like a cake can generate so much power that two really mature people would go weak at the knees and be extra nice to you. I don’t think anyone has been so nice to me in the last two months. Good Lord the power….the absolute raw power! Imagine, I could conquer this place. All I need to do is set up a bakery and all those students would be under my thumb… Wait…wait…something not right about this plan! This must be perhaps the gayest way to take over the world….open a bakery!!!!!

Darn…back to the drawing board!