All the necessary food groups…

The last week has been fairly taxing on everyone. Overburdened with assignments and case studies, Friday saw most of the people with dark circles around their eyes, some resembling raccoons even. Owing to the psychological warfare inflicted upon us in the name of education…we are subject to physical torture by ‘absolutely delightful’ canteen food. I’m personally not complaining because I seem to have shed a few grams here and there thanks to not eating the delicious spread at every meal.

This, coupled with a ban on possession and consumption of alcohol on campus, most of the guys were quite frustrated. Myself included. A big gang decided to give the canteen dinner a miss and head to Mahabalipuram to have some real food. And boy did we have real food. I think your truly has single handedly reduced the prawn percentage in the Indian Ocean. I was back in form. My old ways, live to eat…. But for once, the entire group was like me. Ravaged by hunger and starvation, we gorged on mountains of prawns, chicken, fish and egg. The faces of everyone were a close second to that of a Somalian refuge who has just received their loaf of bread from the UN. We all sat down to dinner and I am not kidding here….we actually cleared out the kitchen at one restaurant. There must have been nearly 30 starving frustrated men, we ordered everything on the menu…barring the veg stuff of course….and within an hour…the chicken was all gone. Not to mention the beer. We had a lot of Kingfisher fans who had to settle for Sandpiper. ( I personally cant make out the difference in taste of lower alcohols…) People would make grim faces owing to the taste ….but still continued drinking..because ..hey….something is better than nothing!!!

We moved to another restaurant in a fashion a parasite would leap to another host after sucking the life out of it. And boy did we binge there. If we were to rank in order the rate at which meat would be consumed by an animal, hyenas would come in third, piranha come is second and leading the pack would be the non-veg deprived students from our college. We ate everything….fried fish, fried chicken, fried prawns…. ( I wonder why my arteries keep clogging up every now and then causing a severe shooting pain down my left arm…)…and this was round two. The one great thing our college is doing by depriving us of meat is that the prosperity of Mahabalipuram is bound to go up in the years to come starting now. Restaurants and bars would be doing more business in one month than they would have done in the entire last few years. And we wonder how India is going to hit 8% growth?..... this is how. Deprivation will generate demand and supply would match….woah woah woah…hold the economics baby!!!

At the end of it all, we all came out being the most satisfied people on earth…I do mean it…MOST satisfied. Most of us were high on food alone. Some are planning to return to town and binge once again tomorrow….but alas. Too much of a good thing. I’m right now all woozy and have downed one packet of Eno Salt and two hajmolas. One can say, I’m having a food-hangover. Burp ! Excuse me…. But I’m in heaven. To top it all, it was the birthday of one of the guys in the hostel and we got some cake. We got our cake and could eat it too. (Predictable lame joke ….)

No spandex any time soon

The View from the Back Seat