My first official writing Gig….

Hey people, I’m totally psyched about my very first writing gig (non-paying) with the blogging team of my college. For an amateur writer like me, this is like the first steps of Columbus on the New World. Now, you might wonder why I’m getting all bouncy about a non-paying gig. Simple reason - experience! When I ventured into the realm of blogging, one of my gurus – Arun Katiyar told me that if I ever wanted to be taken seriously as a writer, do it for free and give it your best. (Obviously he meant when you start….don’t be expecting my Pulitzer Prize novel ‘The DeliriousLife of Me’ a.k.a ‘ Confessions of a Seasonal Retard’ to be handed out for free…. I will take orders for the copy now….It should be out in the next 30 years or so….if I’m around long enough and still writing) And this is as good a break as any. I would have considered this a cake-walk had I been the only blogger, but to find myself in real August company is absolutely awesome.

Some of these guys are really amazing and thoughtful. Some know words I didn’t know were there in the English dictionary. And yet they make total sense of anything they are trying to say. Feels good t be part of this team…who knows…next gig would be with Rolling Stone Magazine !!!! Okay, I really need to stop watching ‘Almost Famous’….. I think I’ve seen it at least 3 times since I joint college.

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