Survival of the fittest?

I was recently invited to join a PC gaming clan at college. It so happens the other players are absolute killers…so to speak…in this game. Since this was the very first clan to be formed, we sent a request for other people to form clans. As expected, major uproar.

“How can all the good players be on one clan?” “ We must balance this out.” “ The game is too one sided.” And other comments of the same order.

Alas, I find this terribly hilarious. Why shouldn’t players who are good stick together? Isn’t that why poor Darwin spent all his time studying iguanas? Basic rule: ‘Survival of the fittest….or the perceived fittest.’ In every walk of life, you’ve got people who are going to be better than you, and accept it, we’re not here to form a socialistic society where everyone wins. Such notions are to be left behind at school. I remember a time, when the house that never won a trophy in anything was awarded the ‘best house’…why? Simply because we want equality. It was that day that I understood that there is no place for the weak or meek in the real world. (Whatte epiphany? Full hindi film ishtyle)

Coming back to the truth, you don’t see me complaining that this study group is better, or this team is better at economic analysis. It’s just a way of life. Based on the same logic I need to tell other people to stop studying as everyone seems to be way way ahead of me on the scoring curve in every subject. Speaking of scoring, I need to tell all the Hrithik’s and Salman’s to back off allowing the poor Murthy to get a shot at ….you get the picture.

Take football for example, you will have the Manchester Uniteds and the Real Madrids, you don’t see a New Castle or a Real Betis whining about it. Imagine that, a football premiership where you break up all the good players and divide them among the other teams. It just does not make any darn sense.

I’m not exactly the greatest Counter Strike player. I’m just about getting the hang of it as such. I see no reason why a clan that is supposedly stronger than the others gets together. Anyone telling Bill Gates that he needs to allow others to compete. Welcome to the world of capitalism, the strong will survive.