And there remained Frodo and Sam

The fellowship is broken up. Every hero has gone their own way on their own quest. And the quests see the heroes go to foreign lands far away. And leaving Frodo and Sam here to fend for themselves.

Last night I bid adieu to the gang. Yes, the infamous gang you have read about in the blogs. No matter how many new friends you make along the way, the guys you grow up with will always have an irreplaceable place in your heart and an importance that no other can take. We’ve all grown up together. We’ve been through each others joys and triumphs, shared each others pain and sorrow. And when you’ve been through all that we’ve been through, there just ain’t anyway someone else can replace that void.

I know that the internet is there and that puts us virtually in the same room, but then what about when it comes to real life. When I get back to Bangalore, TGIF and Purple Haze just ain’t going to be the same. Who am I going to yell at for being perpetually late for everything? Who am I going to depend on for sound advice on the essentials? Who am I going to depend on for picking up my tab when I’m broke? They’ve all gone, and I know its all for the best. But it sucks to be the only two really left back. Alright, we have one more left, but then she’s married and I don’t think she’d want to go headbanging at Haze or drinking in TGIF. I know, you must think that all these really fond memories seem alcohol related…..but the truth remains, there are only few people in the world you can get drunk with. And today I bid farewell to my comrades in arms. And it sucks. It’ll just be the two of us, and that ain’t fun at all. You need the entire team to be present to have great times.

I know, technically, I left before all of them. But then I’m just a few hours away. They’re all just like all over the fricking globe…and the globe is so big. And chances are that they won’t return for sometime. Empirical proof. We all had grand plans of living the world together…all of us. Only the future knows how much of it will happen. Tonight, I drink to their health and safety.

Cheers you dogs! Better get your butts back here! Frodo and Sam ultimately need the entire fellowship. Cheers guys ! Carpe Diem !!!! I can't right much....this is way to emotional for me.