You know you’re either terribly sleep deprived or terribly bored with life when you spend a good 5 minutes at 4 AM staring at the bulldozer in the construction yard and hoping that it becomes an Autobot. Yup, you heard me right. It was around 4 AM in the morning, yours truly had just spent the last 2 hours reading up on how people making babies affects the economy (and will now consider the economic implications when bringing a child into the world….already, thanks to finance management, I have been able to predict that I cannot afford to pay for the kids education). Another sign that you need sleep – It’s almost 5 AM and I am contemplating the financial future of children I don’t have. Sheesh!!!

Anyway, the previous evening was spent so dejected with status quo that I watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Being a major transformers fan from way back in the early 90’s, kind of funny when you call it that, I owned a ton of transformer toys. I still remember the purple Porsche that converted into a robot. As always, I left it lying around the house. Dad thought the parts were broken and quite happily glued them all with super-glue, leaving a nice chubby boy fairly miffed and spending most of the afternoon alternating between sobs and ‘how can you do this to meeeeeeeeeee? Don’t you love me anymore????????’

You would have noticed from the fact that I seem to be shooting off into more tangents than a geometry problem, that I am fairly woozy right now. Coming back to the point, again, I spent the evening watching Transformers 2. After a quick nap for a couple of hours after midnight, I resumed my Economics paper which quite frankly, is going no where. As you may have read previously, parts of the new campus at college are still under construction. The site for a new hostel block happens to be just behind where I stay. At around 4 AM, I groggily walk to the washroom to just wash my face, so that I can go a few more hours without crashing (quite literally). And there it was, in the dead of the night, the bulldozer digging away, clearing earth for the foundation.

Combine sleep deprivation, lack of life and a terribly ‘motivating’ economics assignment and you get delirious me…more delirious than usual. I stood in the verandah space for a good 5 minutes staring at the bulldozer going about its business and wondered in my little cranium as to how fast it could turn into an autobot. I kid you not… for a brief moment in time, I saw it actually transform a little bit and then go back to its original state as it was getting paid by the hour…. Normally, someone in my state would have delusions of maybe Megan Fox walking up to them and making out…but nooooooo! Yours truly sees autobots !!!! Watte geek !!!!

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