As one may have noticed that the blog frequency has been going down this month. Well, this is partly my fault and partly ( a major part ) the college’s fault. It’s been over a week that I have gone through the day with a total of 4 hour of sleep, which has been staggered through the day. And as always, all this insomnia is thanks to a whole bunch of presentations which personally are getting plain boring to do. Like they say, too much of a good thing isn’t good.

All this lack of sleep had to pay dividends (aha…he is studying finance) somewhere down the line and it did…this morning in class. I must have had the best 20 minute nap ever. With full marks to the prof, who is one of the best in the world, I still slept. Sorry Prof! I was just plain tired. The last time I slept so well in class was way back in the third semester of Engineering. This is where I learnt the ancient Ninja Dark Art of sleeping while writing. Yup! You got it….I learnt to sleep quite fit-fully and yet manage to have enough drivel on my paper to convince the lecturer that I was physically and mentally absent….sorry….I mean present. But in this case, not only was the subject a royal pain, the lecturer was like nice smooth spoon of benydryl cough syrup.

Apparently, when such talent is ingrained in your blood, 6 years down the line, you are still good at it. The prof started explaining something on pricing and before I knew it, I was staring at my notebook, started drifting in and out of sleep and finally dozed off. It must have been a good twenty minutes before I woke up. And I have no clue where the entire lecture on ‘pricing’ went. But to my surprise, my dark art from engineering had me scribble a lot of words onto my note book. Random in nature though, words like ‘ fixed costs’ ‘ target’ ‘marketing mix’ ‘cost plus mark up’ and tons of other stuff which some how entered my head and translated itself into actual words on the paper. Looks like I still got the talent. However, since I had not actually listened to a single word in class, looks like I have to spend one night translating this code into actual substance.

That is probably going to snowball into me sleeping in some other class. Well, at least I’ll have notes. Kind of like in ‘The Hangover’…you have proof that you were there and that you did it, but have no memory of it whatsoever.

On a completely unrelated note, Schumi is coming out of retirement....GO FERRARI !!!!