Eaten yet?

I’m over 2 months into the drudgery of MBA and I can say it has been fun. But the most fun part about the whole experience was getting to meet new people. And integral part of meeting people is their opinion about you. As you might have read from previous blogs, one of the craziest opinions was when one of the girls though I was 31 years old for some absolutely illogical reasons. Since day one, I’ve been through a ton of character analysis and have discovered all of them are no where close to the real me. (Will the real slim shady please stand up?)

Here are a couple of examples people have thought me out to be which I am absolutely not. The first thing was that most of the guys who are from Tamil Nadu assumed I wasn’t a Tamilian for two simple reasons, one - I’m hardly ever seen speaking Tamil and two – For a south Indian, my hindi is quite good…at least the pronunciation. Well, we all know I am a Tam….but apparently I don’t fit the stereo-type…if there is such a thing. There was another bunch that thought I was a Bengali. Now, there might be an element of truth in that argument….I was born in the ‘city of dreams’. But then, I am not part of the ‘Sourav Ganguly must come out of retirement’ fan club. (Lol…just kidding). One girl even came up to me and said that she read my blog and thought I was mental. I believe that is the most accurate description till date.

There is this other friend, for some completely unexplainable reason, anytime he bumps into me, irrespective of the time ask me if I’ve eaten? I am not kidding…even if it is at 2 AM….first question…’have you eaten?’. There are a hundred questions you can ask me…dude, why so glum? Dude, done your pre-reads? Dude, why still single?...but no….Have you eaten yet? While I am happy that he is concerned about my health and ensures that I don’t miss the care otherwise extended to me by mom with regard to whether I’ve eaten or not, but come on….Have you eaten yet? All the time.

I know I am fat. I do. I get the message. Alright. Fat isn’t the ‘politically correct’ word. I know that I am ‘horizontally challenge’. But then, I know it. I am well aware of the grotesque figure that I lug around, but we all can’t be representations of the statue of David. So, for heavens sake…stop asking me if I’ve eaten yet.

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