Pallin for President

Am I the only one who thinks that if Sarah Pallin becomes president, it is tantamount to giving Nuclear Arms to King Julian ( Of Madagascar fame). She’ll probably look at it and go, “What eeeez it?”. Or she could be a lot like Didi from Dexter series prancing around the nuclear bunker singing, “ ooooh ooooh oooooh….what does this button do?”.

I am back to being petrified after watching ‘The Obama Deception’ documentary, I’m even more scared if Pallin follows. I honestly do not believe that she still has great faith in the people of America. I am sure even her own Republican team-mates are perplexed by her sudden decision to quit the governor’s post. But then again, since when has anything that Sarah Pallin has done made any sense. Am sure even she is as clueless as the rest of us. But full marks for optimism. Cent Percent. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about optimism in the face of utter incompetence from her. Must apply learnings to help pick up chicks….alas….even Pallin’s optimism can’t help change reality.

I am trying to figure out what Pallin was thinking when she decided to give it all up and start her campaign for President a little too early. I still don’t think she’s getting anything. I vote for MJ’s chimpanzee Bubbles to represent the Republican Party. Chances are he might win owing to all the sentiment from MJ’s funeral that would linger on for quite a while. What would be absolute killer is if the Republican party put Pallin up for president and her running mate would be none other than the great governor of California – Arnold Schwarzenegger. That would be an absolute laugh riot of a campaign which I am sure to follow every step of the way. End of the world – here we come.

No travel…sniff sniff !!!

Idiots on a train