The Real Hero

We’re all done watching the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series and as always, the movies are a major disappointment when compared to the books. Even as movies, they aren’t special as such. Well, the guys did enjoy the fact that Emma Watson is finally 18 and is looking quite nice. At the dinner table, two girls and I were discussing about how movies never live up to the books they are made from and yours truly says that the one movie that stayed almost quite true to the book was ‘The Lord of the Rings’ ( I bow and worship Peter Jackson)

Enter ‘Blasphemy’…stage right! One of the girls has not seen a single installment of the great trilogy and the other saw the first one and thought it was a total bore. Why? Well, it was quite simple. The hero ( aka Frodo Baggins) was not cute at all! And she called him Frido.

Anyone picturing all the alarm bells going crazy in my head. Must control urge to tie girl to chair and force to watch LOTR for a full 9 hours.

First and foremost, she calls him by the wrong name and to top it all, she deems the great trilogy a bore simply because the hero was this short guy who wasn’t cute at all. I some how needed to point out that in the real world, heroes are not cute guys. It is guys like Frodo Baggins who are shorter than everyone else, running around bare feet who are true heroes. Heroes are short, almost balding, quite chubby yet trying to lose weight, oddly dressed people….hey wait; that was just describing me. In the real world, and in Middle Earth, heroes were not your typical Shah Rukh Kahn. Pretty boys like that would be too scared to get their hair messed up that they’d rather let the world go to the dogs than bother walking up Mount Doom to save it. Even the eye-candy ‘Legolas’ didn’t get his hands as dirty as poor old Frodo.

Think about James Bond. In the real world, a spy so obvious and so marketable would be shot in an instant by the KGB or Mossad or some equally potent group. Spies in the real world are not Daniel Craigs or Brad Pitts but terribly unassuming unnoticeable people like me. The world’s greatest spies would be a motley collection of not so good looking, pot-bellied, balding, uncouth men and women and not the typical pretty boy.

Sheesh!!!! It’s bad enough you didn’t watch the movie, its worse that you insult it by saying that it is boring because the hero isn’t cute. Lord! What has becometh of the world? Heroes need to hit beauty salons and look good while saving the world in their Armani suits. Whatever happened to Quasimodo saving Esmeralda???? Isn’t that worth anything these days? What about Shrek ? Am sure we all loved the short-tempered, ill-mannered green giant. True heroes in the world are your Frodo’s and Shrek’s.

P.S: For fear of any threats against my life, I must point out that this incident is limited to only lack of knowledge of the awesomeness that is 'The Lord of the Rings' and not to general conversation I have with the two girls.

P.P.S: I have been threatened against my will to append this statement. Whatever happened to Journalstic freedom of expression?