Goodbye my friend

Today was the first time I actually put on some sad ‘goodbye’ music and wept. Today I lost a loved one. I lost a good friend who has been there with me through thick and thin. We’ve spent long afternoons, writing and learning some great music. Spent many a drunken evenings singing tales of joy and friendship. Spent times of absolute anger finding peace in the music of the greats, today… I lost my first acoustic guitar.

Well, I did not lose her as such, but thanks to an act of God, the guitar toppled over and cracked at the neck. I was taking a break during a jam session and I placed her against the desk. She normally never falls down . Today, for some unearthly reason, I turned around to see her topple over and crash into the floor causing a deep crack right at the junction of the neck and the body. Immediately, my eyes filled with tears. Reaction similar to a kid whose candy just got stolen and there was not a darn thing he could do about it. The crack was too deep and beyond repair. No quick fix or tape would help. Alas, her time had come.

Some of my fondest memories are with my guitar. I remember the first day we got her home, all spick and span. I was beaming from ear to ear. I didn’t know a thing back then. But then over the years, we’ve spent many late nights and lazy afternoons learning some of my favourite songs. I clearly remember the first concert I ever played way back in college. The first song was Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’. She and I have been through at least 4 bands as far as I can remember. Through her, I bought life to some of my favourite artisits and music from all over. I’ve always found a certain peace when I played her not matter how angry or depressed I was. She has probably been one of my greatest companions through the confusing times of engineering college. Music has now become such an integral part of my life that I can’t imagine a day without me listening to music. And it was this guitar that allowed me and encouraged me to play on. A lot of people say that no matter how hard you try, you never forget your first crush. Well, I think my guitar just won.

Goodbye good friend, we’ve had some great times. Thank You for all the music we’ve made together. Thank you for just being there in my life. Thank you for the magic.

A toast to Nikhilesh’s first guitar (2002-2009). May she live forever through all the guitars that will come forth in my life! Amen !