Murthy in a Mercedes

As compensation for all the cruel things he does to me, the good lord does bless me with these great micro-events in life. One macro-blessing was admission to this college. Anyway, religious mumbo-jumbo out of the way and let’s cut to the chase.


Yup! That’s the headline. Awesome isn’t it? Isn’t it everyone’s dream at some point in time to own a Mercedes Benz, or at least travel around in it? And yours truly, even without having been a part of any major business setup, as a mere average-grade student got to travel around in a Mercedes Benz. Okay, if that does not tickle your fancy, how about I put it this way to you –


(I can hear you going WHOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!)

The college organized this event which focuses on the various successful women in management and Dr.Kiran Mazumdar was the Chief Guest for the day. The college had chosen another girl and I to be the buddies for Dr.Shaw. This meant we were glorified Chihuahuas who were expected to trot behind her and help her out with anything. Think of me as a blue genie – “ Your Wish is my command!” (That just sounded weird in my head).

With guests of this stature, we can’t expect to drive them around in a normal Indica. Out comes the style and Nikhilesh is smiling from ear to ear. Mercedes Benz baby!!! Needless to say, before I got into the Benz, I behaved like a complete villager taking photographs and telling all my friends, and …ahem….well-wishers! That car is gorgeous! I do believe I have found my motivation to study. Must own a Mercedes Benz….I must admit, I liked the BMW of my friend much better! But then, imagine me, a mere student getting to sit in a Benz. You should have seen all the peasants turn green.(One day he sits in a Benz, and the rest are peasants….Sheesh! The things money can do to people)

As far as Dr.Shaw goes, it was a decent conversation. I don’t know much about biotechnology. So ended up playing the ‘foodie’ card, and since we are both from the same town, talked about a lot of restaurants. I need to thank dad for taking me to all the top-notch places in town at least once. This way, I am not acting like a total pauper in front of the richest woman in Asia. Turns out her favourite place is ‘Sunny’s ‘ in Bangalore….It’s a fabulous place, except that I need to sell my blood, and maybe a sliver of kidney to eat there. I guess that’s where Dad plays an important role, by giving me glimpses to what one can get if they work towards a good career. He’s always taken me to all the fine restaurants at least once to show me what it must feel like to be rich and successful. He also once rented a Limo when we were on holiday in London. That still ranks number 1 among cars I have been in.

So, let’s take stock of all the famous people I have met at college Shashi Tharoor,T N Seshan,Madhur Bajaj, Rahul Bajaj, Adi Godrej, Jamshyd Godrej, Dipak Jain, Anand Mahendran and now…Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Hopefully, I can join this elite list one day…apparently I need to work really hard to get there! I am unable to upload the picture as the college has really "fast" bandwidth.

Also, one of my great friends from the infamous gang had a baby boy this morning. So, yours truly is now an uncle. Feels odd, from now on I can no longer behave like the immature childish one in the group. But so cool, the gang has been together since class 7. That’s nearly 14 years….and now we’re all grown up. I still think of us as the little kids from class 7. Cheers to the new-born baby! Welcome to the world!

Hear me…

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