Not meant to be

There are some things in one’s life that are just not meant to be. You can try your best, but it will never happen your way. My focus on today’s whining session is my experiments with modeling. Like I tell a lot of people, I am a role model…sorry…that was to be spelt roll model….to many. At college today, owing to an upcoming fest, there were try-outs for the fashion show. I normally am well aware of what events I am good at, and what events I need to keep away from. Somehow, I think the excessive lectures on IT implementation sent my brain away to sleep.

Today was just one of those days where dressing sense was meant to go bad. Thanks to the fact that I had not washed my clothes in a few days, I was left only with a red pair of shorts and red jersey. Well, I wore that and went for a game of fottball. Quite obviously, I was the object of everyone’s attention. Out came all the Santa Claus jokes that I have got so bored of hearing, that they really don’t bug me anymore. I finish a football game and decide, oh well; at least I can go heckling at the models strutting their stuff.

Mistake one; never show up at a try-out where you know for a fact that everyone is better than you.

So there I am, in my all red gear heckling the models. (Grapes are sour eh????)I normally never listen to anyone when it comes to trying out funny stuff, but like I said, my brain had checked out for the day. Thanks to a little coaxing from people around, yours truly decides that he has what it takes to hit the ramp …that too in his matching red shorts and jersey. One must find it commendable that the boy does not lack confidence. So there I was, in front o f my peers, attempting to walk the ramp.

A few seconds in and I start to feel a disturbance in the force. And then it hit me. No! It really did hit me. One in the crowd thought it would be cool to have a bouncing ball around to give it a sports theme to go with my outfit. Well, his aim was far better than he thought it would be. He throws the ball, just as I turn….WHACK !!!!!!The ball hits me right in the face sending my glasses flying. All of a sudden, I sort of blank out for about 2 seconds and start to hear birds chirping. What does one do when such mishaps happen on the ramp? Quite the obvious, the show must go on. I completed my cat-walk ….a little dazed though. Now I know how those cartoons feel…all those pretty stars orbiting ones head. For reasons, unexplainable, I did not feel embarrassed one bit.

Now, I’ve gone through my fair share of public humiliation on stage, but I believe this was the first time someone threw something at me. Well, at least I maintained composure and completed the darn thing. Am now supremely sure that I am never going to even attempt anything that is remotely unnatural to me. I have never modeled and probably never will hence forth. Once is enough. Imagine if I do this on a stage, good lord…all those tomatoes and eggs. Omelette anyone?

Some things were not meant to be. I even thinking that I was capable of modeling is just a case of poor judgment. I have made better judgments when not sober. I mean, what was I thinking attempting to be part of a fashion show? Oh wait….I wasn’t thinking!