Good Grief …these rumours!

I’ve got all the problems of a celebrity being chased by the presses without having become a celebrity yet. I try my best to stay away from it all, yet these rumours…good grief! You might have read in some of the previous posts, that my dad was associated with the institute I study at , over 2 years ago. Now, I can’t help escape the fact that he knows people, and I can’t help that a keen eye is being kept on me. Recently, a certain faculty member resigned from our college. It so happened that my folks had been at college on the same day. Dad was busy talking to old friends and catching up. His primary reason for coming down to college was to see me perform on stage.

Coincidences, conincidences….my fellow students saw this and then began the turning of the rumour wheel.

Nikhilesh’s dad is coming to the institute…let’s be overly nice to him. Please tolerate all the bad jokes and tell him he looks good…no matter what he’s wearing. He could put in a good word.

Well, once I screamed my head off saying that he was not coming to the institute, people were back to being their normal selves. It also so happens that some professor by the name of ‘Murthy’ is taking a course. I have received at least 3 calls from people asking if it were my dad. Why? Just because of the surname? Then, by that logic, even Narayana Murthy is my dad….but here I am languishing in the throes of bankruptcy and poverty.

Good grief these damn rumours!