The rumour of the clean room

I’m not completely sure if I want to feel happy about this rumour or not. It is completely weird and has no basis to it whatsoever. You’ve all read about how I ended up with the ‘prettiest room’ in the boy’s hostel. I heard a rumour over the grapevine that apparently the fact that I keep my room fairly spick and span for a guy, is apparently to honour the previous occupant or something of that order. You’ve got to be joking right? Do I look like the sentimental type?

Someone even said that the girl’s spirit still lingers in my room. First and foremost, the girl is not dead, so where is this spirit lingering business? Second of all, if she were dead, why would she choose to hang about my room? Poor choice of location. Last of all, thank you all for the stupid ‘spirit lingering’ joke…now, I am petrified and refuse to turn off my lights when I sleep!

I still don’t get what is the big deal with a guy having a clean room. It does not smell funny, I can almost always find my keys, and there are no bags of potatoe chips underneath the pillow, which I pull out and go, “Hey, when did I eat this? Ooooh…there’s one left!”. I hear that house-keeping have labeled some of the guy’s rooms as a ‘toxic waste and radiation’ hazard zone. Again these are rumours! So for heaven’s sake, if it is true, kindly give me time to jump into a radiation hazard suit before you come over.

My room is clean. In the words of James Hetfield, “ So f***ing what????”. You know you like my clean room, you know you are jealous of my clean room, you know you like to hang out in my clean room.