That's the cure....

Thanks to the ‘extremely delicious food here at the canteen, I’ve been on a total mood swing. Generally somewhere between, ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ‘I’m going to kill myself’. I was sitting outside the canteen and having a meal owing to the absolutely great weather (not being sarcastic this time) and having dinner with some friends. Mood for the moment is absolute depression owing to the fact that exams are beginning in 3 days and I am as always ‘yet to begin’.

One of the guys in our class, who is one of the ‘Riddlers’ , meaning he asks a lot of questions, people think it’s odd, but I think he’s making good on his investment unlike me…anyway, the riddler comes out of the gym panting and his face a nice shade of red…tomatoes begin to blush. And despite the fact that I have been hitting the gym for the last one week or so, I felt like a complete loser. This dude was not only doing fairly well at studies, he was even hitting the gym now….he’s married too!

My depression gets worse with me screaming ‘I am ordinary’…. And then began the general dragging of feet, sulking like a child, short whines between my breath, and placing the adjective ‘ordinary’ in front of everything. Look at my ordinary room…meant for an ordinary human being like me….look at my ordinary blog….ordinary life… I will even die an ordinary death….. Ramblings go on! Friend obviously thinks I’m just ‘acting the goat’. (This is a new term I learnt from reading Tintin comics….The ‘Destination Moon’ book where Calculus goes berserk when Haddock tells him the same). The group are sitting and are trying to ponder as to how to get me out of the mood I am in and the solution they come up with is, ‘Let’s get him married!

Someone care to explain how this is supposed to help me???????

(KO - you do NOT have an opinion on this one)