A lot of help….No thank You!

I’ve gone back to my old diet of complete abstinence from anything remotely fattening. This includes chips, ice cream,cashew nuts, others and the all important alcohol. I have decided to go back to my old diet that helped me lose 30 kilos in less than 6 months. Lots of raw vegetables and fruits, daily exercise and healthy habits. This includes eating out only once a week and that too in moderation. Why the madness all of a sudden you ask? Well….Just like that! Need to get back my 36 waist and enhance my already dashing looks (Ahem…cough cough)

Needless to say, people sort of assume that I would eat the usual fat food and hence offer me cake, cool drinks, chocolates, and even whiskey…but I say no with a completely straight face. People obviously think I’ve lost it…. And the vast majority are of no help at all.

“dude…you’ll be back to normal in two days….”

“lol…why all this man? You lack the will power…”

“lol…you said no to chocolate cake…..hahahahahahaha….now cut the jokes out”

“ lol…no matter how fit you get….you’re still not getting a girlfriend….your face sucks!” ( Somebody going to get a hurt real bad….)

“eh…oh…holiday syndrome eh?”

“dude…you’ve put on more weight after going home…you won’t be able to lose it” (well Du-uh….that’s why I went home….to eat well and gain weight…what did you do? Starve?)

As always, people have been trying to break me by eating junk food in front of me while making sounds like they are just having a micro-orgasm…. Well, they have not met the resilient me! With friends like this…who needs enemies!