The Poor Donor

Diwali season has set in at college. We have the usual ‘influential’ people going around with a certain bhai-look about them collecting money for the festivities; collections almost reach extortion point. Now, I do remember contributing well both financially and with my time to the last major Ganesh Puja celebrations, however the story this time around is quite different. For starters, I am no longer living off my money, but am at the mercy of the financial resources of the parental unit.

This is kind of sad if you really think about it. 25 year old grown man with nearly 3 years of work experience cannot financially fend for himself. Justifying this would be the fact that I earned a fairly meager wage at my last place of employment, and being the spend thrift I am, really could not save up much. I still do have a good amount sitting in a life insurance policy. Unlike my batch-mates, I do not have the luxury of savings or unaccountability. While the parental unit is quite generous with money, they do expect me to account for it. They won’t say so directly, but would generally hint at it.

And coming back to being accountable after 3 years has left me with a slight guilt in my conscious while spending money that is not mine. So quite understandably, I have become miserly and am cutting down drastically on spending. No more daily eating out and buying expensive rubbish I don’t need. The donations towards celebrations naturally have gone down in value, and the same has not gone down well with others.

“ Dude….what’s this? Do you know what the minimum amount the other people are giving is?”

“ Hmmm….. I honestly don’t care…..I don’t have any money….”

“Dude, give at least another 200 more….”

“…..” (Stares in silence….)

The one thing I am really looking forward to is my paycheck after completing my MBA. Not only would it be a decently fat paycheck, it would mean I am back to being independent…..and unaccountable!