The wedding invite…

Now I really should not be making any fun, but oh well….here goes, I am going to hell anyway. I recently received a wedding invitation from a classmate of mine, from school. Now, that’s a fairly run of the mill affair. People get wedding invites every day. Alright, not every day, bit of an exaggeration on that one. What stood out on this wedding invitation was that it reeked of the unfortunate dependency of IT in our lives. Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding invite was a MS power point presentation. I kid you not.

Most people normally scan their wedding invite and send it across over e-mail. There have been some very unique wedding invites I have seen over the last few years. One very interesting one was a comic rendering of how the boy and the girl met, through the hallowed process of ‘arranged marriage’ and fell in love before they got married.( Kindly go Awwwwww, here) The cartoon was hilarious. Since the guy was a malayali, cupid wore a checked lungi and had a mouctache. (Not stereo-typing…it was the wedding invite) . The comic invite was by far the most innovative invite I have seen till date. The storyline and dialogues in the comic had me in splits. Another one had the guy create a website where they showed pictures of the bride and the groom right from birth, growing up through the ages and how they met and finally decided to get hitched. The style was no Martin Scorsese, but it was really well done. Really non-mushy yet cute website. But I have never seen a power point presentation. Fall out of these IT types spending too many hours at their desk huddled over the keyboard, surrounded by coffee or coke, furiously typing away at code.

The intention of the ppt’, storyline was good, but like a badly executed football strategy, it failed at every count. One might wonder why I am mocking this invite. For starters, I was kind of surprised I got this invite in the first place. Also, I don’t think I am going to the wedding or believe that I would bump into the person concerned. But, honestly? Seriously? A ppt? I know people are dedicated to their work…but this is the limit. I guess I shall send out my wedding invite as an official tender, like and RFP ( Request for proposal) , followed by a press release. Probably have the parents of the girl and my parental unit sign an MOU. The whole problem lies not in the mindset of people, but the way industry has evolved us into mere humanoids whose thinking is limited to a box named work. And there only remain a handful who knows to log off work when they step out of the office. I am running my mouth off; let’s see what sort of wedding invite I conjure up in my head.

PS: In case you are getting married soon, and have taken pains to create a ppt for me, please do send it. We’ll change the invite the next time you get married. There is always the next time.

My good luck and sincere best wishes to the to-be-couple. If I attend the wedding, I would be presenting them with a copy of Windows 7 for better ppts. ( I am going to hell for these jokes...)

PPS: If you think I am being mean, I am sitting in a class at 7 AM, where the prof is talking about supply chain in AMUL, where he just said that AMUL have technology for milk-producing bulls…. I sort of lost my mind after that statement.