Buying a boat...

I am planning on buying a boat. Please don’t mistake this as a result of my skepticism regarding placements and hitting the alarm buttons and hence trying an alternate profession as a fisherman. No, no… I am buying a boat to get to class. I have heard a lot about the infamous rains down south, but over the last one week, I am witness to the annoying fury. The rain is like when someone in the neighboring room decides to play techno at full volume on speakers better than yours. And you get a headache thanks to the incessant thump techno beat that has been put into a loop. Thankfully, my neighbor at college plays good music...dream theater, Joe Satriani and stuff I don’t mind listening through the walls. Anyway, I am buying a boat to tackle the flood that is building up in the campus.

We are now required to wade through about 1 foot of water to reach class or the canteen. Most people try and be really careful and tip toe through the makeshift bridge so as not to get wet. I prefer the stampede approach. I roll up my jeans till the point where I look like a hobbit and simply stomp through. I stomp a little harder when near the girls…splash some water around and they are sufficiently irked. ( Watte sadist). Just to take the annoyance up a notch, I sing ‘Singing in the rain’ at the top of my voice. I in fact tried the entire Gene Kelly thing…. Picture Frodo in his pants, doing the Gene Kelly dance en route to Mount Doom…actually, considering my size, better consider Samwise Gamgee instead… It wasn’t as fun as when I see it in the movie.

The waters have risen so high, we actually spotted a few crabs on campus. As always, first thing that runs through my head is….Mmmmmmm…..lunch! Crab on a stick! Today was brilliant, the waters were so high that even the makeshift bridge of bricks were almost submerged. Not wanting to get my shoes wet, I’ve arrived in class wearing my bathroom slippers. I feel like a complete villager. I normally prefer to wear shoes or at least sandals to class, but slippers is rock bottom for me. The things I have done in this MBA course. Anyway, I am planning to buy a boat..or follow the guy in ‘Man v/s wild’ on the Discovery channel and build a raft by myself. I can follow Kevin Costner and build a Catamaran. That would be totally cool. Move over guys with your bikes…the dude with the cool vehicle is here. And looking at the whole Global warming thing, I guess this would be a good investment in the future.

On a serious note, this rain had better stop, or I’m going to have a flood in my room and might need to move to higher ground.