So Tweet...

Guess what happened a few minutes ago? Sheesh….how silly of me. If you could guess stuff like that, one – you won’t be reading this blog. And two – if you had such fantastic powers of cognition, why would you waste it guessing what happened in my life. Anyway, I was just tweeting about tonight’s game, when I made this sudden discovery…. I stumbled upon Gul Panag’s twitter account. This is a good start to the day at 1:30 AM….Not only do I find Gul Panag to be really cute with those dimples, she is also really smart. Okay….I am a smitten kitten ever since I laid eyes on her. Anyway, I am totally excited right now to have stumbled upon her twitter account….and guess what…Sidin (The other blogger/Twitterer whom I follow) is also following her tweets…seems they are good friends! If this mallu from the IIM can go through all that and become a writer…. There is scope for this tambram! And hey, I could also know some really smart and cute people (besides myself)

Does anyone else think I need a more serious hobby? By the way, I am on Twitter too. (sorry... need to stop reading Kotler....infectious...can't get marketing out of my blood...)

Ode to the Nice Guys

Thank you for not stereo-typing.