So much to do….so little time

As always, life decides to get interesting at the same time. Besides the unwanted visits to certain places of last week, back at college, I’m going nearly crazy trying to catch up. Besides this, we have the B-school fest happening. Now, I was warned that the days leading up to the fest would be filled with sleepless nights and tired days. I automatically assumed people were seeing too much of that reality show where they show cased students trying to organize a b-fest and having a tough time. All the politics, the arguments, sex, lies and videotape….ok….no sex or videotapes, I just got carried away on that one. But no kidding. This fest is going to be awesome…so naturally, I pay for awesomeness with sleep.

I am particularly enjoying the arguments we are having with regard to student participation. While some people feel that we as hosts must not participate, many feel we ought to. Well, it has come down to a strict ruling that hosts will not take part. Many are disappointed…there is a lot of moolah to be won. Actual money, and not like when we got ripped off for prizes. I am going to be sore about that for ever. That e-bay pricing of what we won is not worth more than 3 grand…anyway! And being in a b-school. The one thing that comes naturally to all of us is ego…and the clashes are going to get intense. I need to make it a point to sleep….lest I pull a Scrooge on everyone.

But at the end of all of this, I know it is going to be a great fest. Looking forward to meeting folks from other b-schools…. And looking forward to the great after-party for the organizers. Anyway, you folks can keep check out our event website. It's called L'Attitude 13'05...Look forward to more ranting of me getting annoyed with people and then getting annoyed at myself for getting annoyed with people…. Something tells me the fest is going to be Legen….wait for it…..dary!