Twas a satisfying Christmas...

With all the enthusiasm for diwali and stuff, the environment at college seemed morose around Christmas. Well I don’t blame the guys, exams being scheduled worse than the mood swings on a pregnant woman and placement creeping up on us, the times seems a little too overwhelming. Deciding that I would be the Santa Clause and try to spread some cheer, managed to rustle up some funds and got a Christmas tree and the works. Now, this Christmas was special because I have never ever decorated a Christmas tree. So this was all pretty exciting. Took a cab to town and went to this amazing store that was a Christmas exclusive one. I went total nuts in that place with all the Christmas goodies.

I can’t explain why, but I always feel a little extra attachment to Christmas. The whole caroling and plum cake thing, and more so the decorations. Oh, we’re even doing a bit of caroling soon. But then the whole experience of buying decorations, the tree, setting it up was totally fun. I think I am going to do this every day. Now, here is the part where I am looking from some sympathy… I got no gifts this Christmas (like all the others) so this time I decided to buy myself a simple t shirt and gift it to myself. Feels totally weird doing that though. But I guess some care (even from self) was needed.

Anyway, the tree was a total success, we got a huge cake, upon whose gaze - grown men forgot all decency and turned into savage beasts. I think the last time I saw a bunch of creatures move so fast was a bunch of Piranha on the discovery channel stripping a cow to its bones in a few minutes. The poor organizer, yours truly, was left licking a little bit of the icing…which was just before the stray dogs who roam our campus came to lick what I managed to ignore. But the best part of Christmas, even more than the apparent fleeting joy I brought to my classmates was the joy on the faces of the cleaning and kitchen staf to whom I presented a plum cake. The one thing we all seem to forget during Christmas are the people who are nothing to us yet do a lot for us. For example, the chef who dishes out the bland meals day after day is still playing the role of food supplier to us. The staff who ensure that the rooms and washrooms are kept clean…especially after my guys have had a little too much to drink. It’s these people who keep our life on campus a little cleaner and safer. Although it was a small cake, it felt totally awesome giving it to the entire staff who were present. They were obviously shocked….and were quite happy that someone acknowledged them. It felt a whole lot nicer doing the Christmas for them. Its these little things that make Christmas a truly spirited affair a it was meant to be.

Anyway, hoping to get something nice ( wishlist that cant be shared) from the good lord tomorrow… till then, here is the tree we made. I am all in red…the Chennai Santa Clause. Had a red t-shirt, red shorts and the cap on. Was kind of weird…but still…had a satisfying Christmas. Merry Christmas readers....hope you all get what you want. May life be filled with love,food and ale always.