Uncomfortably certain...

Well, the last two weeks of all the pain and hospital visits has thrown up some writable blog moments. Well, this one happens back while I am at the hospital, barely 24 hours, I’m still in a fair amount of pain. Smiling through most of it actually. A good friend of mine comes in to visit. So after all the sympathy, he’s back to being the friend and showering me with all the affections a friend must…which basically means they all get a kick out of putting you into trouble with the parenting unit. Mum congratulates him on his recent announcement of engagement…and wishes that the wedding is in back home in town. So, my friend responds saying that the reception would be in town but the wedding elsewhere.

This is where he should have stopped and changed the topic, but he had to ask, “Aunty!? No plans of marriage for Nikhilesh?” Through all the antibiotics, pain and needles shoved into me, I sense this is going to be a very uncomfortable few minutes. I was wrong. Uncomfortable just does not seem to be an adequate word to describe the same. Mum, quite unexpectedly decides to transgress from her normal reply of “ Let him study first….then we can look at this”…which has sort of become the standard answer to annoying elder folks in the family who think I ought to get married. The answer from mum …she starts the hand thing which most Indians do (Russell Peters spoke about this)…where you hold your palm out as though you would show the number five and move your wrists which resemble someone trying to screw in a light bulb…and mum says,” No…What to do? No girls seem interested in this fellow? No plans even if we wanted to. No one is showing interest”.

Erm…okay…. I am no longer sure if the pain is due to the infection or the fact that mum is mocking the fact that I am still single. Friend could have stopped there….but nooooo! Where would the fun be in that? “ Aunty…you sure he is interested in girls only no?” It’s bad enough I am lying in those horrid hospital PJs….my mum is worried I am single and my friend hints that I might have jumped the fence to the non-straight side. Oh wait…it gets better! Mum’s reply,” No! No! I know he is interested in girls. I have seen the screensaver he has on his laptop…all nice looking actresses and other women I have not seen. Also, Nikhilesh thinks I don’t notice…but I have seen him looking at girls when we all go out to the movies.”

Pain goes up, the needles in me no longer matter. I am not sure of how to feel anymore. This is probably the moment in most guy’s lives when their parental unit discover the stack of dirty magazines under their bed, or questionable content on the computer. Since I have been a fairly well behaved boy and have refrained from either, this is my reward. My mum confirms to all friends that I am interested in women while I am lying on a hospital bed moaning in pain. I haven’t the energy to refute the claim. I do have a collection of simply gorgeous Kirsten Kruek, Keri Russell ,Gul Panag(and others) wallpapers on my comp. But note, all very tasteful, not one wallpaper is questionable in anyway though.

I am sure mum was kidding and just humouring my friend....or was she? yikes!
Note to self: When home, put wallpaper of Counter Strike and not Gul Panag.