Work beckons...

I had gone to town yesterday to get some information for a retail project. As always, I donned my classic Tam-bram accountant look. Well partitioned hair, glasses, got rid of the Tony Stark goatee – much to the dismay of the smitten damsels in college. Our good luck, the guys at Shopper’s Stop were really helpful with all the data and information. They showed us a lot of new stuff. Now the one thing I sort of realized that was happening during the whole Q&A was that I seemed to be thinking better. I seemed to be more motivated to find out data and understand everything. I could not figure it out…but then it sort of struck me later; Office-Nikhilesh is way better than Student-Nikhilesh. Student-Nikhilesh is unmotivated, generally morose, and not too keen to lift a finger or twitch any of those brain muscles. But Office-Nikhilesh, besides looking terribly smart, was thinking on his feet, spoke more coherently, and had a greater understanding of the situation.

This I guess was the case at work too, I never did too well in any of those horrible CAT mock exams, but would do extremely well (at least that was the review I got) and would be motivated, despite the hilarious salary, to do more and improve. There was something awesome about office-Nikhilesh….which is just not being translated into Student-Nikhilesh.

We began placement related work this week at college. As expected, the companies with decent profiles, I don’t seem to match the requirement in terms of years of work experience, and the ones whose roles I match….I really don’t want to work. All the titles given seem a totally humdrum affair. I can picture me being student-Nikhilesh there too. Dragging my feet into work, sit at my desk, make a few presentations and excel sheets with the really expensive jargon that I have learnt, draw a salary and come home to nothing. I don’t seem to digest the profiles they are offering, and the salaries are not that tempting that I am willing to trade all decency of living for a mere monetary existence. But even then, am looking forward to a pay-check again. While the parental unit is being totally supportive financially, I do feel guilty about spending money.

The fest seems to be coming along fine. Going a little crazy, must be the medication, but patience levels seem to have dropped…more so with me than with the rest of the species. Hope all goes well.