Alternate Career Path

Allow me to show off another one of those otherwise insignificant things that brighten up my day. Yours truly was featured in a photo with three other classmates in the latest issue of the Outlook Business Magazine. The entire photo shoot was quite grueling considering the fact that I was in a black suit, looking awesome in the middle of the day, in college trying to look professional. At least this photo shoot went off successfully unlike the last time I tried my hand at modeling.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly tried his hand and being part of the fashion show at college. To save me the agony of weeping, let’s just say it ended up very disastrously. I am actually considering a career as a model for plus size clothing. It could happen. I mean, I will be a close second to Milind Soman, in terms of appeal, but I don’t mind being second best. ( He seriously needs to get out of college and back into society…excuse the delusions of grandeur). The former has washboard abs...the latter has...erm....bored abs. Your thoughts on the matter? If any of you know where they are looking for such assignments, please forward my photographs. Thanks! Anyway, here is to what I hope is the first of many modeling assignments.

Link is here.

Ooooh....Aaaaaaahhh....CLICK CLICK .....

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