Sachin for President

It’s always nice to be witness to history in the making. And today was pretty darn awesome. Now, I’m not one to really write about cricket but this one is a thought worth sharing. First and foremost, all hail Sachin Tendulkar the great. I think he’s done every single record there is worth doing…except a world cup, but then, we’re all not perfect. The scene at the hostel TV room was mind blowing. I knew India is a cricket crazy country…now I am certain we are cricket delusional. We don’t have cricket fever, we have cricket pneumonia. People were actually calling poor Dhoni names for not giving Sachin the strike, I mean, isn’t sports always about team before personal records? Anyway, at the end of it all, maestro reaches the 200 run mark and the crowd goes crazy. In fact, I don’t recollect a single time when people were happy to see the opposing team stop a boundary. For a brief moment, Amla was a greater hero than Dhoni, who just went on the rampage.

Coming back to the point I was hoping to state before I got so engrossed in describing the scene, I think we ought to make Sachin Tendulkar President…actually wait…let me rethink that….yeah…Make him PM and President all rolled into one. Think about this, if there is one thing and one thing only that unites most of India, it is cricket and more importantly Sachin Tendulkar. I am sure that the entire nation would vote for him without blinking an eye. No more party divisions, no more BJP congress….Sena Vs Gandhi…everyone loves Sachin. I can imagine it now…picture the scene from Nehru’s speech of ‘when the world sleeps, India awakes’….and put Sachin there. Crowds thronging to hear his first address to the nation. Move over Obama….Sachin aaya re! We’re looking at an end to a whole lot of problems…the stock markets would be ebbing (all the problems in this country, and this MBA type can only think of stock market…he’s not even moderately aware of what goes on…but it is a nice buzzword to use)….naxals and Maoists would stop terrorizing folks because, hey, everybody loves Sachin. For once Babri Masjid may not be the critical issue…we’ll make a stadium there. So many advantages.

The only problem is that Sachin’s record as a leader has been so-so. But what the heck, everybody loves Sachin. I am sure there may be a small section of Bengali’s who might disagree with me and say this is all hype and Dada is to be made supreme leader of the human race. But let’s be honest….there are more positives in this than anything else. Anyway, screw all that …. Time to head to the library to study! Good stuff Sachin..... now win that darn game!

(Yes….Library....he is depressed after the recent fire at the Carlton Towers which is where TGIF is located…sniff…tons of weird behavior happening! Library and all that....60 days to end of the course, and now he goes to the library....sheeeesh.)